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Server Sided Mods


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I am running a Tekkit server but, I want to add MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod, Ferullo's Guns Mod


I wanna add these 2 mods and some more in the future


But when I add them in the mods directory, I try to login to my server but it says that I dont have these mods


I dont want people to have them, But I want users to use them from the server, Not else


For more info,I converted Tekkit into MCPC+ 1.6.4

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Your clients need to have whatever mods you added to your server on their computers too. You'll need to distribute a custom modpack.zip to them them via Dropbox, or copy.com, or setup Solder. Platform Pagoda has help for that. 

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Before I converted my Tekkit server to MCPC+

I added a WorldEdit mod into the server


Why cant I do with other mods

WorldEdit is not a mod, it doesn't add any blocks / machines / items to the game. It is a plugin.


You MUST have the mods downloaded to your client (in a modpack probably) for you to join a server with them. No way around it. 

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