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[1.0.12B] The REAL B-Team Server [PvP] [50 Slots] [BUKKIT]

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The REAL B-Team Server

-keeping it REAL-

-24/7 UPTIME-

-Up to 50 Players-

-Running on 10GB of RAM for best PERFORMANCE on dedicated server-

-Bukkit plugins for users are mcMMO, Lockette, and Esentials-


On The REAL BTeam Server you are free to do whatever you wish; there are NO RULES, and no banned items. On this server everyone is equal and given the same opportunities. Note that you should build your base far from spawn (YOU DONT WANT TO GET GRIEFED)... (unless you are a badass and fight everyone off) The Spawn is nothing fancy with one sign (please dont destroy.. but you wont get in trouble if you do destroy.. remember no rules XD) Well join OUR server if you are looking for the best place to play Attack of the BTeam with others; form alliances or you know just kill everyone you see... that's cool to. Hey one last thing we have AutoSave so if a server crash DID occur your stuff is safe :cheers::cheers:



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