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[1.1.1] ? PLAY.MINEPOW.COM TEKKIT LEGENDS ? [Survival Anti Grief PvE] [Factions Raiding PvP] [Clans] [Jobs] [Fixed Items] ? VOTED #1 TEKKIT SERVER ?


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Minepow Tekkit Legends

IP: play.minepow.com


  • Anti Grief w/ Modded block protection
  • Online 24/7
  • Frequent Updates & Events
  • Market shop is done through a GUI (no more messy shop warps!)
  • Gem armor, ComputerCraft, ProjectE etc enabled for all players
  • Earn money whenever you like, using our Jobs system
  • Family Friendly
  • Development team constantly working on new updates
  • Custom Plugins

Modified Gameplay

  • ComputerCraft Exploit Fixed (ComputerCraft is enabled for all)
  • Guns Disabled (PvE server)
  • Chunk Loaders disabled (intensive)
  • Land Marks disabled (intensive)
  • Gem armor fixed (enabled for all)

Our Community

We're looking for friendly, fun, and kind players to join our community. We believe that we're a great community to be a part of. We have our own TeamSpeak server, game nights, contests, give-aways and much more. We go the extra mile in ensuring everyone has a great time on Minepow. We look forward to meeting you!





i just wanna say that this is a really nice server everyone is respectful and nice.So i just wanted to tell you good job(: P.S My ign is Sargent_FireGod for the dedicated rank thing.9i didn't just say those things so i got the dedicated either this server is really a good server with hardly any lag at all. props to you nice work.







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This is (I am saying this honestly) the best server I have played on and I have played on more than 50+ servers. All the staff are friendly and they love to help the community :) We always encourage players to do the right thing. The Username is The IGN which is Ultrix05

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needed IGN
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