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Request: Include Nether Lag Fix in next version


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I never had a single performance change on my shitty laptop in vanilla - and I have integrated graphics. :P

I have a pretty damn good PC and I can tell even my hardware takes a toll in the Nether. I do have all my graphic settings set on max, but I'm fine with what I experience. It's everyone else logging into my server on their craptops that disconnect everytime they take a portal to the Nether on my Tekkit server that I'm concerned about. The same people handled the Nether decently in Vanilla.

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Honestly, the only people I've ever seen that truly had no performance problems in the nether have never actually spent a lot of time in the nether.

It lags my i7 16gb SSD laptop with AMD 6770M in linux and windows7 when I move around too fast. Granted, it does settle down usually once I've been in the same place for more than a few seconds, but flying around or teleporting around brings back the skippiness.

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I have moderately powerful hardware and find nether fairly laggy irregardless of any settings. Even staying put with few light sources, or mining deep where there are none visible. Yay for chunk based rendering?

Definitely needed in tekkit when you can fly around at high speed through the nether.

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