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[3.1.2] Aftermath [PvP] [42 slots] [Greylist] [A great variety of plugins, see thread] [No EE]


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Your In-game Name: flerbergerber

What you like to do on Minecraft: Build and Mine. oh, and craft.

Which number is larger, -1500 or 1000?: 1000

An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure: My favorite historical figure is myself. As a child, I was considered the epicest minecrafter ever to exist, and now it still reigns true... Truestorybro ;o

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Your In-game Name: DecayofSolus

What you like to do on Minecraft: I build stuff, on another server I built a device that can create hulls for Frameships that I called the ASCII (Automated Ship Constructor II, which is the successor of the A.S.S.(Automated Ship 'Structor))

1000, if by going by numerical value and opposites being obviously higher then negatives, otherwise it'd be -1500, and I'm a man to confuse people

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IGN: iamnotinsane.

What do you like to do in minecraft Redstone circuits or complex mob/player traps.

What do you like to do in Tekkit Railcraft, massive extensive rail lines running from land marks and transporting goods, in the most fun ways I could do, on one server I made a Gunsmiths and sent my guns and ammo via minecarts to my shops (pipes are ugly and boring, but still ar used at some points because they're useful.)

Why do you want to join this server It looks like an interesting server and one of a kind the war system looks very good, but in the forum page abput war you mention having to distroy bedrock with some knid of ritual involving three people, how would that be carried out? And having EE disabled makes getting materials harder and more interesting as well as realistic.

which is greater -1500 or 1000: 1000 is greater than -1500.

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We're still trying to devise the war model. Accounting for every possible flaw gets complicated :P.

If we keep the bedrock tower thing, it would involve using the MagicSpells plugin to destroy the bedrock tower in a ritual that involved three people and several minutes (at least). (I can configure spells so that they require things like reagents, people, time, and only work on certain blocks) Its purpose would be to allow a nation to be defeated in the event that all of its members refused to log in for a fight. However, this has problems (ie, that a city only needs one person to make but would need three people to attack, hence why I'm considering a new settlement tier).

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