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Incredible Lag in Tekkit Legends


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Hello everyone. I'm having a problem that many other people are having as well: terrible lag. When I open Tekkit Legends from the launcher, it takes a very long time to get to the main menu. From there I need to hover over whatever button I want to push for about 30 seconds before I can click it, and if I DO want to click it I need to click and hold for it to register. I've updated my Java and made sure to delete older versions, I installed the correct version of OptiFine, I checked my environment variables and there is nothing relating to java_options. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher, and there is no improvement in Tekkit. I had a similar problem with Voltz, but updating my Java fixed it for Voltz. Can anyone help?


Edit: Now Voltz is doing it as well. I deleted Java and reinstalled it but that hasn't helped. Also, not sure if it matters but I am running Windows 10.

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