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For the same reason that you can't steal a story that someone wrote, paste paragraphs from it into your own, and say that you wrote it. It's called plagiarism.

You get to write your own code, that's how modmaking works.

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Ok, listen. You have already expressed your desire to make a military mod on another thread. You listed all the stuff you wanted, but none of the stuff you had actually made. If you think you can make a Frankenstein mod out a whole bunch of other dead mods, your going to run into some serious problems. It is against the ethics of modding to go ahead and rip peoples code and call it your own. In addition to that, you will run into some serious incompatibility problems. If you had the technical knowledge to modify the code and make it compatible once more, I beg the question, why not just make your own unique mod?

Now, decompiling others source code to learn from it is another thing altogether. In most cases however, you don't have to decompile it, just ask. Any reputable mod maker will be more than happy to help out newcomers to the world of modding. But I beseech you, start out small. Make a crappy ore mod, make sticks sound and look like lightsabers, do something, anything. But, do not bite off more than you can chew.

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I would say isn't there a way to ip ban him but its to fun to mess with him.

IP bans are a placebo. Any putz off the street can make a new gmail and hop on a proxy server, and be back in less than ten minutes. The answer to problem people like that is consistency. As long as we make sure to always draw a line, and punish infractions with the least amount of fucks given, everything will turn out fine.

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