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Hellen Keller


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i have wondered for a while why the moderators chose to use Hellen Keller for a punishment tool i looked up the name as i did not know it earlier and found her wiki

as i read it im thinking its a way to tell people hey you're blind or deaf or both but you can still learn is this the case or am i completely off the rails?

i think its a nice way to make people think about what they write on a web that are full of people who really don't think since they're hidden behind screen names

im impressed by how much more civil this forum seems compared to many other places i have been there's room to disagree and have discussions with out it turning in to mudslinging contests ofc theres the odd misunderstandings but that's part of life and humanity so why are so many complaining about being hellen kellered ?

its a chance to see hey i screwed up but i get a chance to prove i can be better i can learn i can mature in to a nice person who thinks before writing something stupid (when our brains work) ofc we fail at times its only human but getting a poke from someone to wake you up isent as bad as screwing it up even more by being perma banned, so i say see the name hellen keller as a helping hand instead of a big punishment there are worse things that could happen.

would like to hear if im all off or if i figured it out its been turning in my head since i saw the first pink name a week or two ago ???

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Yeah, I never understood the dumb blonde stereotype. My blonde sister is getting her masters in math right now.

Of course we've got heavy norwegian ancestry, my extended family is full of really smart blonde hair, blue eye amazons.

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Been so used to it i really don't care any more but then again most Scandinavians are blond or red haired i see the fact i am a girl ended with a shitty comment higer up this tread oh well im a jittery blond squirrel ;D

on topic its nice to see that there is a warn system added to the forums so it isn't just ban ban all over had a brief warn my self and i find it a good eye opener id suggest anyone that get it think about what they did and learn it only makes one a better person

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I shall fail at reading comprehension if I wish young man. :P

[me=The Merchant of Menace]puts on her failurehat[/me]

Unless you mean Cheap Shot should use Simpleguy as a decoy in order to make the re-banning more of a surprise. That or maybe you just spilled the beans that Cheap Shot and Simpleguy are the same, they do both have moving green things in their avatars after all. Though by that logic it would be more likely that me and Simpleguy are the same, his T-rex avatar is looks eerily familiar...

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