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[1.7.10]Modern Kingdom[PvE][40 slots][Greylist][Modern Kingdom Lite]

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Technic Platform Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/modern-kingdom-lite.769136
Server IP: Included in the modpack download files

Website: http://modernkingdom.enjin.com/

IRC Chat: http://modernkingdom.enjin.com/irc


About our server:

  • 24/7 Server Uptime
  • 8 GB of RAM hosted on our 64 GB-capable box
  • Survival, PvE
  • Greylisted
    • Join our server and chat with us, take a look around, see what you think!
    • If you want to play, create an account at our website, and fill out the application for access to the modded server.
  • Grief Prevention plugin to protect your stuff
  • IRC Interconnection

Modpack Highlights

  • Magical Crops with Agricraft
  • Tinkers Construct with Iguana Tweaks
  • Ender IO
  • Carpenters Blocks and Chisel 2
  • Ancient Warfare 2
  • Full mod list available on the permissions page of the Technic Platform page

Important tweaks to the mods

  • Vanilla tools (pickaxe, shovel, etc.)  are non-functional.  Tinkers Construct tools are the only early-game tools that will properly work.  This allows us better control of the mining progression and provide a little extra longevity to a smaller modpack.
  • All crops must be planted using Agricraft crop sticks.  This way crops can be right-clicked and harvested without needing to replant.
  • There is a deliberate lack of chunkloaders in the pack to encourage server stability.
  • Ore distributions have been tweaked to less common, more plentiful veins.
  • Dense Nether Ores!!

Our rules are pretty straightforward, but we take them very seriously:

  • Be Respectful
  • No Griefing
  • No Cheat Mods
  • No Harassing
  • Maintain Maturity
  • Obey Staff

About Us:

The Modern Kingdom community has been around for a few years, bouncing between vanilla servers, publicly available modpacks, and custom in-house packs.  Over that time, our custom packs have grown to accommodate all kinds of interests, resulting in a lot of fun for some and complete unplayability for others.  Modern Kingdom Lite represents our first push to balance something for everyone with a pack that can be run on machines only slightly better than a toaster.  It is also our first attempt to make a pack publicly available, which is an exciting new prospect for us!  We are a family-friendly group seeking folks who are mature and can properly handle themselves in our group.  We maintain a few different servers, all of which are connected to our IRC channel.  This means that, even if no one is on your server, there is almost always someone around somewhere.

Questions?  Comments?  Post here or on our website!!

Interested in joining?  Sign up at http://modernkingdom.enjin.com/ and apply for access to the modded server.


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We have smoothed a few wrinkles along the way while welcoming a few new friends, but the server remains steady. With the spawn linking to four distinctly different areas, players are fairly well spread out, and our server is more than capable of keeping things stable. 

We'll likely have an update to the modpack in the near future. If anyone has any requests that would fit in a low-overhead modpack, now would be the time to make your suggestions.

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Modern Kingdom Group Build Event!

We're excited to announce that we are putting together a community build event on the Vanilla server!  The goal is to just spend a day of everyone building together, rather than spreading to the far corners of the map.  How big can we build it?!


Pics from the last event!

Screen shot of the map

Up the castle walk

More at http://modernkingdom.enjin.com/gallery/m/7904846/album/235380


Who: YOU!
What: Modern Kingdom Group Build Event
When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 (All day!)
Where: 64.modernkingdom.net:25565 (Vanilla Survival world)


Folks will be in and out all day, and everyone is welcome.  There are no build assignments, no specific tasks that must be completed, just everyone playing together to make something cool.

We will have folks from our Modern Kingdom Lite server, as well as folks from the Vanilla server, all involved in the day.  If you haven't visited our server yet, feel free to stop in and say hi!  There will be signage in-game available to guide you to where the community build is happening, so no worries on being lost.

We will also have our voice chat server up and running via Discord.  If you are interested in stopping in, all you need to do is follow this link and choose a nickname.

If you want to follow the build, check out the server map here!

Hope to see you there!

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