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Hello all! I wish to review your servers! I will then rate it an post on my blog site


Send in your entries to [email protected]

Followed by my form!

*IP: " Servers Ip Address "

!Description: " What your server is like "

*Servers Name: " Servers name e.g JayCraft

I will also require admin permissions, if not admin then Mod, if not that then I need Creative

If your server is Whitelisted please Whitelist my IGN : TheJamesp55!

Thank you!

Kind Regards

TheJamesp55 ( JayMan )


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In addition to the obviously suspicious request for admin when you have no reason to need it...

ALSO, why would we desire having our servers reviewed by a random stranger who has provided no evidence of bring a popular reviewer or having any number of youtube viewers, etc.? Yes you set up a blog, but it has no posts, no followers that I can see, no association with any youtube or twitter with followers, or anything of the sort. What are your credentials?

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HEY! I know you! You're that guy from planetminecraft.com! By all means have OP on my server....shit why wouldn't I let you have it?! I've always wanted to have some random person review my server.

Look, because I can fly around, look at what has been built, and if you arnt comfortable with Admin or mod or even creative, fine! I just review servers for fun, not because im mean, or want to make you unhappy, Its optional!

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So you're planning to give a higher score to servers that give you more privileges? Wow. You're even more desperate (or incompetent) than I thought you were. I recommend you stop posting now, before you draw the entire forum in here just to troll you.

Oh, and by the way: if I ran a public server, I would blacklist you faster than you can spell your own name. Getting the worst possible rating from your review would be a badge of honor.

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I will also require admin permissions' date=' if not admin then Mod, if not that then I [u']need Creative

Im not saying I NEED it! Bloody hell, I just want to fly around and look at whats been built! that gives a higher score...

^Lulz (emphasis added)

Also, if you don't need admin or creative for anything other than flying, then you should have no problem editing your OP right now to say "I will require some method of flying around for the reviews. For example, a swiftwolfe's ring or a jetpack." And not mention admin or OP or creative at all.

That would make the whole thing seem VASTLY less like a scam. And then somebody MIGHT actually take you seriously. Unlikely though, at this point.

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I actually fell for it the first time a PMC review faggot came on my server. I just gave him godmode because my server's spawn is more dangerous than the Bronx. Nothing bad happened except I forgot to ungod him and he came back a week later and there were 3 people panicking about a hacker who can't die... XD

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So let me get this straight... This guy comes out of the woodwork offering to review servers on his mysterious blog, but he needs mod powers to do it? But on the other hand he doesn't NEED it just requires it... Also, he put his email out for spam bots:roflolmao:

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