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Tekkit (fan?) Art


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Wow, that is some amazing work Soupa! I must admit, this has me quite tempted to draw a few pieces of my own for this thread....

In the meantime, Enjoy your Copics, and Moogle, Have fun with the Tablet! I use a basic little Wacom Bamboo myself, gets the job done XD.

Good now some other people contribute.

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There we go.... Finally got one. I'm not all that good at drawing though XD.


My friend did that himself, he was getting angry that the server config was messed up because his uranium ingots wouldn't make uranium armor....

It appears you need a....



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My cousin got a box of copic markers. She squealed soooooo much apparently. More so than the £150 necklace her parents got her... xP

Although copic markers are damn expensive aren't they? They're the alcohol based ones?

Yea they are. My Copics would've cost me around 250$, but i got them for only 188$ because of the magic of the internet.


I also got a 6 piece set for skin tones


They are expensive, but in the long run you save money, because you can refill and replace nibs on the markers.

1 refill can fill up the maker around 10 times with the refill costing about 7$.

If i would've gotten prismacolor markers and run out of ink on the black one, i would pay 5$ more every time i ran out.

So if i ran out of black on a copic marker and refilled it 10 times it would cost me 7$.

If i ran out of black on a prismacolor barker and bought it 10 times it would cost me 50$.

Plus if I break the nib on a prismacolor i'm screwed.

Now have a raven.


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