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[3.1.2]Server of the Oblivion[PvE][20 Slots][EE][Essentials][LWC][WorldGuard][PermissionsEx]


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Voltz of the Oblivion

- Server Update: New IP address :

- Server update: We changed the server to VOLTZ 1.0.12. It will also be an open server for now. We're still not fully sure if we will return to a whitelist server running Tekkit in the future. Just check in and let's play with some rocket launchers for a while!

We are a small community and are trying to expand our server with more friendly people.

The server is located in the Netherlands and is online 24/7 with 2 operators for maintenance.

At this moment the server can hold up to 20 slots for smooth game play.

The server is open for now, so no application is necessary to join.

Server Information

IP address :

Processor : Intel Quad core

Memory : 6GB DD3

OS : Ubuntu Linux


- Swearing (not to much, than it's ok. we don't really care)

- No cheats

- No asking for items

- No stealing

Banned items

- Nuke

Plugins used

- ClearLag

- Essentials

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard

Application form

No need... just join!

Visual introduction of the server

The new spawn pictures will be added later when we are done building the thing. And yeah... it's gonna be a thing... a huge something!

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Hi Mr.Oblivion.

I see that you make a server for the first time and you and your friend don't really know so much about anything. I have made many, many servers in the past and i am very, very good at being the no.1 mod on your server. Really, i am not lying when i say that i will be the best mod you have ever seen, much better than all the other mods on all the other servers. You just have to do one simple thing, only one! You give me all the power over your server setting and i will take care of anything. I will do all the work 24/7! So anyway, please make me mod right away OK.

IGN : DeusEx

TIMEZONE : every timezone

AGE : 34 new years have past for me

EXPERIENCE : I am the one and only very best moderator of all. I make all the other moderators look like noobs! (not a lie)

REASON TO JOIN : Well, if you say that i cannot be the mod on your server and also i cannot even join your server also, than i will connect to your server in another way (smiley face)

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IGN: T5unami


AGE: 18

EXPERIENCE: Played Minecraft since Beta 1.2. Started playing on Tekkit servers around half a year ago, but stopped for some time due to other commitments.

REASON TO JOIN: Together with a friend we are looking for a lag free server, that does not restrict EE. The RAM also seams very appealing for a server with low slots. Also, the fact that it is a relatively new server makes it sound like one person can make a more significant contribution than on most servers that have existed for some time.

Thanks for consideration.

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IGN: MyFly

Timezone: UTC UK

Age: 22

Experience: Building with tekkit since a year (with some breaks). Playing previously on many servers, but each one had some issues like griefers or terrible lag.

Reson to join: I was searching for a server with EE enabled, no pvp and with a decent hardware so I don't need to be afraid of lag while building. I think I might have a great time playing on your server.

Thank you!

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