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Can someone please help me with this crash log?


So i have been playing for about a week now and its been going smooth until a few days ago where out of nowhere i cant get back in my boyfriends server, it will let me select his server and it will say "logging in" but 3 secs after that it just crashes without any error sign or pop up and takes me back to the technic launcher, we tried a few things to try and fix it but no luck yet and i have no idea how to read the crash logs so here it is, any help is very appreciated! 


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Strange. Can you connect to other servers? Does it work?

The server owner should remove your player data from the server (backup those first for safe keeping), those are located in in the playerdata directory in the world directory, backup and remove only the one with Mekalin's UUID. This will remove all items/xp from Mekalin's inventory and reset any armor. Try it, keep the backup playerdata for later.

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Looks like the data for your player on this server is corrupted, the game is trying to show an item and it crashes unexpectedly.

We would like to see the fml log from that server from the time you are trying to login. Warning: fml logs have the chat conversations, you need to edit the log to remove them before posting it publicly for obvious reasons.

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This is the fml log from your client, we need the fml log from your boyfriend's server. Read my pervious post carefully.

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The server's fml log should be like thousands of lines (or more), this one has 101 lines :| and it's not from the time of your crash. Not enough data to help.

For the record: the issue here is the server, not your client. Your launcher is ok.

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Here's an image of the folder that the logs are held in.

Here is the file in the image that is on 05/04/16


This one is fml-server-3.log


This one is from fml-server-latest.log



Other than these files, I'm unsure as to how to get the any other specific one you may be speaking of unless told otherwise.

But by all means, if you see the file in the list of the first picture please let me know so I can retrieve it for you. Thank you for all your help!

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im glad to know its not my client that is causing the problem, so all we would need to do is find the item that is causing me to disconnect and we would be good?

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