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TOTAL POWER Modpack - Created by a group of friends [Dedicated Server with no lag]


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We made this modpack called "Total Power" because we are trying to have a server where groups of people fight each other with ICBM nukes and such, kind of like the old Yogscast server. You'll have a lot of fun here if you decide to join us, I can guarantee it. I don't really give a fuck what you do on the server, just go to war and stuff, there's only 3 rules.

Modpack link here: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/total-power-modpack , server address comes with it.

This modpack includes:

- Big Reactors

- Buildcraft

- Carpenter's Blocks

- Mr. Crayfish Furniture

- ComputerCraft

- Defensetech [an ICBM successor sort of mod]

- DenseOres

- EnderIO

- ExtraBiomesXL

- Iron Chest

- Mekanism [core only]

- Minechem

- Musiccraft


- OpenBlocks, OpenModsLib, OpenPeripheral

- SolarFlux

- Thermal Expansion

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