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[1.7.10][Wirenut Reloaded][18+][whitelist]Official Server][PVE][FTBUtilities][ZERO banned items/Mods]


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Hey fellow Modded Minecraftians! We are looking for some news players for our new modpack,  Wirenut Reloaded for MC   1.7.10! Wirenut Reloaded is a fun pack with a good mix of both Tech, and Magic mods, and custom world generation. We have our own dedicated server running the pack, so we are a small community, looking to increase our members, at the same time making good friends along the way!

You can view all of the mods and download the pack at (http://technicpack.net/modpack/wirenut-reloaded.844456)

This server and pack are hosted in the UK, but we have players from all over the world who are helpful, and enjoy having other awesome people to play our favorite game with. So no matter where you live, we always have a good time. The server is lag free (As close as for 1.7.10), and you will have a top of the line experience at Wirenut. =)

We like to have a good time, but this is also a mature community, so you must be 18+ to be whitelisted.

Our pack info will be sent via PM to those we pick to join the server. This pack is accessible with the Technic Launcher and maintained by players with years of modded Minecraft server experience, and are very knowledgeable about the pack's mods.

Banned items/mods: None! we believe in the full experience, and that our members have the same opportunities the staff do, so nothing is restricted, and we don't believe in silly donation kits. =) We recently added FTButilities, so you can now claim and protect your base from any players you haven't invited to access. =)

Anyone interested, will need to submit an application using the following format, here on this thread. We will notify you here, if you are whitelisted =)AYULWPi

Please reply using this format

Your IGN

What is your age and Where are you from?

Previous bans (if any) and reasons

Why do you want to join us?

What qualities and or skills can you bring to the Wirenut community?

Who is your favorite Youtuber that plays modded Minecraft and why?

Anything else fun cool, intersting, or quirky about you that you'd like to share =)

Do you have Teamspeak, and are you able to join us there, microphone or not?

Do you have Skype?

Server specs Dedicated Server 24/7 with 99% uptime Server located in the UK

Thanks for you time, and we look foreword to hearing from you!

Siriuo (Co-owner, from the UK) bcbuckles (Co-owner, from Florida, USA) iDarper (Head Admin, from Utah, USA)AYULWPi



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