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[1.4.7]Technic Battles Redux[PvP][45][TBR: The Modpack] Semi-Anarchy/Factions!

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Server Address:

Beta Server:

donshik.servegame.com:25566 (inactive) | Forum

Anarchy Server:

donshik.servegame.com | Forum

Whitelist Applications: Click on me to apply



Welcome Newcomers!

The Technic Battles Redux is an old server that started out as a normal tekkit server. We have a small, but incredibly tight knit community. Our history is long and many events have occurred on our server.

The main idea of our server is that it is a company/factions/Yogscast style server. However we engage in corporate espionage, wars and many other things. You can join a company, or create your own. The companies in existence at the moment are listed below.

If you join us you get the incredible playing experience of meeting people who you can call friends, fighting them laughing with them and if you wish stealing from them. TBR is a mostly full anarchy server, however our only limits are that you can not completely rip apart the map. You can do whatever you want to your enemies base, as long as you leave the landscape alone.

Join the TBR server for a game changing experience!



Quantum started out as Quantum Industries, led by superg after superg left mtech. Superg left the minecraft gaming community and leadership of his company. His successors and current leaders of Quantum are a triumvirate of 3 people. Ysharma, Cannonfodder, and Greenwolf. Quantum has dominated 3 maps (although other companies will deny it). Quantum even came close to war with mammoth mtech, until the leaders sorted out missunderstandings. Quantum’s most recent achievement was defeating Halo, Haven and the elite mercenary Digidude in a war. Quantum at one point had 15 active members, but currently only has 7. Quantum is currently recruiting. Quantum is currently allied with Creepist_Tech and Mtech.


Anperture was the server owners company, until he stopped playing and just adminned. He eventually came back, but after being greifed multiple times sold his company to Quantum. He eventually left the company and became an employee of Halo. The current leader of Anperture is Romon. At it’s peak it had 3 employees. At the moment it has 1, Anperture is eagerly recruiting.


Creepist_Tech was founded by Mooseman, who’s ign is Major_Creepist. At one point they had a massive resource empire, which then dissapeared due to a map reset. Leaching off of their resources Quantum rose to power for the first time. At the moment Creepist_Tech is not as much of a resource power as it is a speed one. Creepist_Tech’s has 3 dedicated member’s who can get a new base running fast, making eliminating them difficult. They joined hands with Quantum in the Halo war and are currently allies with Quantum.


Mtech has an ancient history, and is one of the first companies of the server. It’s current leader is Darth_Moogle, however he is an on and off player, so the company is constantly disappearing and resurfacing. For this reason not much is know about Mtech, other than at one point it was a huge power. At the moment Mtech is dormant, waiting to rise... However they are still accepting applications


Nedco, founded by Nedned2k, was established near the end of November 2012, and for a few weeks had the founder as the sole member. AshtonFearBolt was Nedco's first member, but after a few days, he took to stealing from Quantum, due to the slow progression of Nedco and the vast wealth that Quantum had, and was shortly fired. Soon after, as the founder built up his base, two more people, Digidude and DT_Darkness, joined. However, in late December 2012 and early January 2013, the founder became inactive, and these members left, leaving Nedco as a one-man entity once again. After the server reset of January 2013, ryusazaki, joined Nedco, and helped build up their second base. Then, as the impending server reset for the beta of TBR came, these two bacame inactive, until the server started up again for the beta testing of TBRv1.3.0-20 started a new world. After several more weeks, as more people joined the beta, SeventhOmega (Sev) and darkreapa agreed to join Nedco. The four members of Nedco now await the pushing of the beta, so that they may start building up their empire.


Haven is one of the younger companies and not much is know about them. It was founded by Blueredstoneguy, also known as Whayw. They sided with Halo in the Quantum Halo war. They are a one man company, and it is not known if they have any employees. Haven is actively recruiting.


Halo is the youngest known company, and has a rich history. At the beginning it was founded by Markarthian and DT_Darkness. Dt was a former nedco employee, and markarthian was a former quantum employee. They had 2 employees, bwilb and Drewthat. Ysharma was exploring their base to evaluate their threat when bwilb logged on. They fought and Ysharma lost due to drewthat joining in. He constantly made stone tools using The_Prolo’s spawn shack and tried to get his items back. Eventually the bounty hunters Zach and Digidude helped Ysharma out. The war had began. From that point the bounty hunters betrayed Ysharma and took out his base. Quantum responded by repeatedly destroying Halo’s and Digidude’s base. 6-7 bases later Quantum came out on top. However with the announcement of full anarchy it is yet to be seen what shall happen next. Will peace prevail or war break out? At the moment it is not known how many members Halo have.


Modpack with over 120 mods, and growing

Great staff

Tight knit community

Full yet controlled anarchy



None as of yet, please email us at [email protected] for pictures.


Company owners can get together members and schedule lets plays on the server. Ask your company leader for info.

ATM there are no lets plays, make some and they will be posted here


Current Stable:



Everything else:



Minecraft Forge #534

Render Player API 1.2


denLib 2.1.4

miscperipherals 3.0c

Not Enough Items

PowerCrystalsCore 1.0.3-34

Essentia Everyting v2.3.2b

ArmorStatusHUD 1.6

StatusEffectHUD 1.9

bspkrsCore 1.01

Rei's Minimap 3.2_06

Additional Buildcraft Objects

AdditionalPipes 2.1.3u36

Advanced Power Managemant 1.1.55

Applied Energistics rv9-a

Assembly Line 0.2.8

Atomic Science 0.4.1

BackTools 1.4.6v1

Balkon's WeaponMod 1.10.3

Basic Components 1.2.6

Buildcraft 3.4.3

Advanced Power Systems--Buildcraft


Charge Pads


CoFH Core

Compact Solar Arrays

ComputerCraft 1.481

CrossBow Mod 2 v9

Damage Indicators 2.4.4

Dimensional Doors 1.2.0

Electric Expansion


Equivalent Exchange 3 pre1f


ExtraBiomes XL 3.9.0

F4113nC0r3 3.1.0

Factorization 0.7.10

FlatBedrock 1.0.3

Fluid Mechanics

Gravitation Suite 1.7

Gravity Gun 1.4.7v2

IC2 Advanced Machines 4.7a

IC2 Advanced Generators 3.1.0

IC2 BioMaterials 3.1.0

IC2 Defence 3.1.0

IC2 More Composite Armor 3.0.1


Immibis Core 52.2.4

Immibis Peripherals 52.0.8

Industrial Craft 2 1.115.207

InvTweaks 1.50

Iron Chests

Iron Pressure Plates

Liquid UU-Matter 0.7.10

Liquid-XP 52.0.3

Logistics Pipes

Modular Powersuits 0.2.2-139

Mekanism 5.2.1

MineFactory Reloaded 2.2.0-150

MobDismemberment 1.4.6v1

Modular ForceField System V2


NEI Plugins

NEI RedPower Plugin 1.4.3

Nether Ores 2.0.6-32

Nuclear Control 1.4.5

OmniTools 3.0.2

OpenCCSensors 0.1.3

Pam's Get all the seeds 1.5

Pam's Huge Mushroom Spawn 1.2

Plugins For Forestry Beta 29

Portal Gun 1.4.7v4

Power Converters 2.2.2-29


RedPower 2.0pr6

Soul Shards 1.26

Steve's Carts 2.0.0 Alpha 48


ThaumCraft 3.0.3


Secret Rooms 4.4.1

Thermal Expansion

Transformers 1.7b

Tubestuff 52.1.3

Wireless Redstone--ChickenBones 1.3.2

Xeno's Reliquary 1.0.5d

Xycraft 0.10.18


Click on me for installation guide

Check our forums for a lot more information:


Our wiki, we need contributers!

Our facebook


Andrew Donshik: Hard working server owner and modpack creator

Ysharma: Forums moderator

Mercalyn: Server moderator and forums graphics manager

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*text quoted to trigger an alert*

Before approval, I'd like to see:

1) a list of companies someone can join, as otherwise the application can't really be filled out.

2) something other than plain text. Section headings, a banner, some kind of pictures, anything that makes the post easier to read.


1) No plugins and full EE/BC/IC2 leaves you very open to griefing from someone that can fill out an application. I suggest at least some kind of rollback plugin to deal with that (unless MineBackup qualifies).

2) Is there any container protection at all? Allowing theft from containers makes any kind of base building...difficult. Perhaps the lack of plugins helps you here, as grabbing stuff and teleporting out is impossible.

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Guest Ysharma

*Note* Quantum Industries is rechristened as Quantum

I represent Quantum, although I share equal power with greenwolf and cannon fodder. Our members are:










and lots of other people who i dont remember who should REALLY PM me if they want recognition

btw our forums are booming user-wise, I also made some major changes so could you check it out andrew?

abtw andrew im not whitelisted on the Redux modpack server

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*Note* Quantum Industries is rechristened as Quantum

I represent Quantum, although I share equal power with greenwolf and cannon fodder. Our members are:










and lots of other people who i dont remember who should REALLY PM me if they want recognition

btw our forums are booming user-wise, I also made some major changes so could you check it out andrew?

abtw andrew im not whitelisted on the Redux modpack server

Redux ModPack server is really glitchy, but I'll get to it if I can.

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Name: Jack

Age: 13

Country and Time Zone New Zealnd (GMT 12+)

IGN: The_Trig

Hobbies: Fishing, biking

Tell us a bit about yourself: I

Mods you are proficient in: Industrial craft & Buildcraft

Past histories on servers: I've been on many tekkit servers, I've never been banned but I want to find a good whitelist server with no griefers

What company do you want to join: I want to make a nuclear power company if that's alright, not sure about the name :)

What do you like about this server: It looks like a good, no fuss server with minimal banned items

Why do you want to join this server: As above

Why should we let you join this server: I won't break the rules and I would be a good part of the community

What is your greatest achievement in tekkit: One one server I had everything like full infernal armour, nuclear power and a sign that said my name in red matter blocks

BTW was I meant to post this here?

Thanks and I hope you accept me :)

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Country and Time Zone: Minnesota and central time zone


Hobbies:i like to golf and soon program

Tell us a bit about yourself: just a guy in high school

Mods you are proficient in: Overall but the mods ill probably get into most are ic2 redpower and buildcraft

Past histories on servers: My last server shut down so i'm looking for a new server

What company do you want to join: Aperture

What do you like about this server: Joining maybe?

Why do you want to join this server: last server just kind of stopped and i'm looking for a new one

Why should we let you join this server: i'll follow the rules and help out alot

What is your greatest achievement in tekkit: nuclear reactor

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Hello my name is Romon, I am 15 and in high school, my IGN is nick2160, I live in Minnesota, and I am in central time zone.

My personal hobbies are golf, i enjoy it very much i play during the summer normally as soon as the snow melts. I have recently gotten into a show called doctor who, you might have heard of it it's a British TV show that's science fiction and action/adventure, but i have yet to watch it on TV as I am catching up on it on Netflix at the moment (almost done). Something I plan on doing in semester 2 of high school is computer programming which i can not wait to do it's what i plan on doing for college as well and hopefully get a job involving it too.

One thing to know about me is that I plan on going to college in England so i have been researching about all that stuff. Second thing to know about me is that I play league of legends, you might have heard, but i have been really into that recently, playing with friends quite a lot but i still want to play a bit of Tekkit. A third thing to know about me is I enjoy reading books but unfortunately i don't have any books to read currently but recently have read Fahrenheit 451, Warriors, his dark materials trilogy, and so on(if you can't tell I enjoy fictions quite a lot).

I am Proficient in almost all the bigger mods like redpower, builcraft, and ic2( and a bit of EE) to the point where I know what i'm doing.

The last server i was in just shut down so i'm looking for a new one and hoping to join this one and become big in this one.

I would love to join aperture because it brings back memories from portal and i think I could help out a lot.

I think I would love this server because it looks fun and i quite like the idea of companies and the PvP system and I think you should let me join because I could help out a lot and be of great use to anybody who needs help.

My greatest achievement in Tekkit is probably the fact that i made a safe nuclear reactor or some of the buildings i have made.

(if there is anything I missed please tell me and i will make another post of what I have missed)

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