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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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We are running 3.1.2

Its is the latest Recommend build


Owner(s): Ginixx, Bigdallus, Qrog

Hello, Im am Ginixx and welcome to Tekkit Generation.

We are a new server that just started.

We're looking for people to come and join us.

It doesn't matter where you come from but we do like people

who are able to speak and write english.

And are a little mature.

Also feel free to build anywhere what isn't taken yet.

We have a forum!:

We do have some items removed..

These items are:

Black Pedestal


Mining laser

Red Matter Gem Armor

Transmutation tablet (because of dupe glitch)

Nuclear Reactor

World Anchor

Demensional Anchor






silktouch spawners


Feel like joining our server?

Please fill in the following form to gain acces:

Ingame Name:

Reason of joining:



Favorite mod:

Make sure to fill this out correctly!

Hope to see you ingame!

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Ingame Name:vAustin

Reason of joining:Been playing tekkit for a while and would really love to play a server. :D

Experience: I've played tekkit for about 3 months and have experience with most the mods.


Favorite mod: Defiantly EE

Thanks for your time :D

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Ingame Name: Crackleworm

Reason of joining: I am just wanting to find a server where i can build some stuff, find a few friends and learn more about tekkit.

Experience: ive been played for about a month now and im learning still everytime i get on


Favorite mod: redpower mod

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Ingame Name: ExB016

Reason of joining: Looking for a nice server to play on, getting to know new people and just have fun

Experience: I've been playing for about 3 or 4 months, still have a lot to learn but know pretty much all the basics

Age: 24

Favorite mod: EE most definitely

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Ingame Name: Mar1Fox

Reason of joining: I am looking to find some friend who i can work with closely so that we could build something both colossal and amazing. I'm thinking flying fortress islands

Experience:I have been playing tekkit for about two months now, and vanilla minecraft since beta


Favorite mod:IC2

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Ingame Name:Keeshi

Reason of joining:I've watched allot of videos of Tekkit multiplayer but always played singleplayer, wanted to try it.

Experience: Alpha Testing 100%


Favorite mod: Treecapitator(I know, its SSP but, its simple and I love it <3 )

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Hello Ginixx

IGN: KaosC57

Age: 14

Real Name: John Michael (call me Mikey)

Bio: Hello I am KaosC57. I am a gamer extrordinare, i started my gaming carrer on christmas of 04' when i got my PS2. after that i got a computer and started playing games on that. and when i saw minecraft on the PC i had already gotten terraria so i thought why not get Minecraft? and after that Minecraft has been one of my top 3 games on my list. My Tekkit Carrer started the day i found Yogscast Duncan and started watching his videos

Favorite mod: problably EE or IC2

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Ingame Name: Pigsinblankets

Reason of joining: I have seen the Yogscast do their Tekkit series and i wanted to play something like that and your server look amazing so i'm trying to join

Experience: Quite alot, although i have only been on minecraft since 1.2.4 i really enjoy it and go on it alot

Age: 11, i know what your thinking "11 years old, hes just going to troll us all and mess up our server!" but dont worry i am very sensible and mess up other's games

Favorite mod: My favorite mod has to be Equivalent Exchange as i have all ways had an intrest in magic, but i also love redpower because i love redstone - always have - so one or the other.

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