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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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Ingame Name: the_shelby

Reason of joining: I need a new server, the one I played on isn't up anymore. A nice PvE server with just a few banned blocks is perfect!

Experience: On a scale of 1-10, I'd put myself at a 5 for Tekkit stuff.

Age: 18

Favorite mod: Industrial Craft

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Ingame Name
: hansuperlove

Reason of joining
: I have always been a huge fan of sandbox games and cooperative multiplayer. Minecraft (and, subsequently, Tekkit) offer tremendous opportunities for players to come together to create amazing contraptions, awe-inspiring cityscapes, and strong community bonds. There are few other places you can get the experience of actual world building (not only terraforming, but building legitimate infrastructures, economies, and cultures). Finding a great server with Admins that truly care about the experiences of their playerbase is something that can make an otherwise enjoyable hobby totally unforgettable

: Maybe a year or so of Minecraft off an on (cumulatively). Tekkit for maybe four or five months. I'll put it this way: I know the capabilities of each of the mods in Tekkit, but I still have the Wiki open while I'm planning and buliding every night.

: 27 (old man by most standards)

Favorite mod
: Buildcraft? Maybe IC? EE has its perks but I can certainly understand why people feel it breaks the game. I'll go with Buildcraft
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Ingame Name: FoxForest

Reason of joining: I have looked for a nice tekkit server to play on but not found anyone that has no whitelist on so i thougt iIl could try one with whitelist and this server semed nice, I really want to join and I will play for a long time on the server! :D I am from sweden but can quit a much english

Experience: I have played minecraft for almost 5 years and tekkit for 3 years. But I didn't buy minecraft untill I was 10

Age: 13

Favorite mod: BuildCraft and RedPower

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Ingame Name: MJPkbar

Reason of joining: looking for a good tekkit server to join

Experience: have been playing tekkit for about 4 months and am a decent builder, but i am open to expand my experiences with in tekkit.

Age: 15

Favorite mod: industrial craft and redpower

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Ingame Name: jonabc5498

Reason of joining:i really like tekkit and have always wanted to play a server like this

Experience:sadly im a little new to tekkit but am a fast learner

Age:i am 17

Favorite mod: i like them all but if i had to chose ide pick EE or industrialcraft

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Ingame Name: batch05

Reason of joining: The tekkit server that i used to play on has been down for sevrel months and it still has not come back. Therefore i started looking for a new tekkit server.

Experience: I have experience with redstone wiring, factories, mass production of red matter and diamonds. I also have experience with UU-Matter and Pipes

Age: I am 13 years of age

Favorite mod: My favorite mod is EE2 my far, unfortunatly they are taking some features out.

Thank you for your time- batch05

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Name: the_zer0g

Reason: Looking for a good community to join that know how

To have fun, and are actually experienced in tekkit.

Age: 21

Experience: very experience in tekkit survival and full knowledge in

industrial craft, ee, red power etc. (don't really know computer craft is all)

Fav mod: all of them-

My theme?: I like to have an nuclear mad scientist theme (while not actually using any

type of nuclear item - too unstable) and enjoy making giant complex machines, and like using iron golems.

In summary: just looking to have some fun, while being able to

build cool things that others can enjoy.

I also enjoy a good rivalry- pvp (yogscast style)


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Ingame Name: Hotspur125

Reason of joining: Been looking for a nice Tekkit server that isn't too big because I like a bit of a community, and want a server where I can actually use an energy condenser and swiftwolf's rending gale as they're the only bits of EE I care about too much. :)

Experience: started playing around march time.

Age: 16

Favorite mod: Redpower or IC2.

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