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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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Ingame Name: egoknight64 [email protected]

Reason of joining: I love tekkit classic and I love EE to convert junk to something useful. I'm just kinda of hoping this server has a good community. Overall I want to play with more people on tekkit classic with ee still up.

Experience:Not much in the ways of minecraft I have been on two servers and for only about a month each just trying to find a nice server. I'm known for help out with boring task like clearing a mountain or forest by hand along with making huge amounts of walls. I build walls and help people out :) . Someone said to post number of bans? I never got banned but I have helped track down griefer.

Age: 22

Favorite mod: EE 2

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Ingame Name: weirdal21

Reason of joining: Me and my friends jimboxslice2015 and CrypticDemise have been wanting to get back playing tekkit after our last server shut down and looking for a resonable server that is kind and not over powered

Experience: i am well experienced at most things in tekkit besides railcraft and i will be able to jump in head first and start building and helping the server grow

Age: 19

Favorite mod: EE is by far my favorite

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Ingame Name:Tehcnotuna

Reason of joining:Looking for a nice server to call home, to play and have fun on.

Experience:I have been on other server's and I like to work with magic and a bit of science.


Favorite mod;Is the things with magic stuff.

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Ingame Name: raggedreece

Reason of joining: ee is enabled, i want to have a server to play with my friend

Experience: been playing since 1.0 and i know almost everything about ee2 and can be helpful if asked questions

Age: 15

Favorite mod: equivalent exchange

Ingame Name: kyuss111

Reason of joining: become the richest team on the server with my mate

Experience: various tekkit servers, good experience with buildcraft, industrialcraft and a bit equivalent exchange

Age: 15

Favorite mod: industrialcraft2

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Ingame Name: melonfarmer226

Reason of joining: I would like to join your sever because its really hard to find good,decent servers with friendly people on non whitelist servers and most servers have almost everything banned.

Experience: I have lots of experience with tekkit classic and all its mods especially EE2,IC2 and BC,i havebeen tekkit for a few years now.


Favorite mod EE2/BC

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Game Name:goldorecoalore

Reason of wanting to join: Looking for an awesome server which this one probably is.

Experience: I have played Tekkit and other modpack similar for about 2 years.


Favorite mod: EE, Buildcraft

Thank you for your time,


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Ingame Name:alexdavis45

Reason of joining:im looking for a hite-listed server so i can play my favourite game in peace and harmony

Experience:i have had about 1yr of full-length tekkit classic experience and i am great with redpower/redstone


Favorite mod:redpower

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Ingame Name: evhoch

Reason of joining: Looking for a nice server where I don't have to worry about Griefers/ Immature people.

Experience: I have been playing Tekkit for 5 months

Age: 15

Favorite mod: EE, IC2, and Redpower

Thank you!

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Ingame Name:moneyman105

Reason of joining:I've been looking around for some tekkit servers but none seem to have ee enabled. If they do have it enabled it seems that there is alot of griefing and op players just griefing the new players.That is why I have came to your server and saw that it has none of that and it actually has banned gem armor and the transmutation tablet.Your server seems like an amazing server. This server seems perfect for me to build my power flowers and quarrys and machines without being griefed or raided.

Experience: Since the beginning of beta and near the the beginning of tekkit.


Favorite mod:EE2

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Ingame Name:kristian800

Reason of joining:i need a tekkit server to play with my friend

Experience:2 & 1/2 years


Favorite mod:The Aether and Industrial craft

also could you add my friend so we can both play?

Ingame Name:remedy57

Reason of joining:wants to play on a tekkit server with friends (me)

Experience:1 & 1/2 years


Favorite mod: I think it was buildcraft

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Ingame Name: havocrequim

Reason of joining: Looking for a cool whitelist server where i can have fun with other players and build some cool stuff.

Experience: Ive been fooling around with tekkit since it was first released and actually prefer the classic. Ive been playing off and on, on a regular basis now for about a year

Age: 31

Favorite mod: Industrial craft

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Ingame Name: UnitedMi

Reason of joining: I love tekkit and am trying to find a good server since the one I played on got closed and all the open ones have way to many banned items.

Experience: Played various minecraft packs for about 2 years and I am server admin/webmaster (we are taking a break for a couple weeks)

Age: 17

Favorite mod: Computercraft

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