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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]

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Ingame Name:xxskinnykillaxx

Reason of joining:I just hate when people take your stuff and being on a server with people who likes to grief my base and because i would love to play this server, and im not going to lie i have been banned on a server before.

Experience:i have lots of experience with the following mods : Ee, build craft, and many other mods from my mine craft worlds


Favorite mod:build craft

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Ingame Name:BlueGamerX

Reason of joining:I want to play with a group of people and have a common goal. Also started this after buying the xbox 360 version and wanted more of a challenge.

Experience:roughly 3 days of single player exp. went mostly into the magic part of tekkit and have lots of fun with that.


Favorite mod:Tekkit. I watched lots of the yogscast videos with sips and sjin. Even though they do goof of most of the time I learned a few things about tekkit.

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Ingame Name:Camaloony

Reason of joining:I watch Ethos Lab MindCrack server and would love to join a server and not have to worry about griefers.

Experience:I have played Tekkit for 2years. I have had 2mods, 1CoOwner on servers and am currently Admin on another.


Favorite mod:I have to admin Buildcraft is the best

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Ingame Name: FLDataTeK

Reason of joining:I Am Looking For A New Server To Play On Where I Hope I Can Live Without Fear Of Being Griefed And Make new Friends While Doing So

Experience: I Started Playing Minecraft In Classic Version And Have Been Playing Tekkit For About A Year And A Half Now

Age: 16

Favorite mod: I Love IC2 RP2 And EE3 But I can Do A Bit Of Everything

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Hello Ginixx i was wondering if i could join your server. I have co-owned a private server just like your own.

Name: LaingFord

Age: 15

Experience: 2 years (just started playing again)

Reason: I want to have fun on tekkit just like the times on my old server

Favorite mod: Buildcraft

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Ingame Name: redgiant61

Reason of joining: Been on tekkit singleplayer for about 5 months now and would love to try and play multiplayer

Experience: I actually got into the tekkit: new frontier first, then tekkit classic, and just found tekkit classic, much more fun. 5 months of experience on classic.


Favorite mod: Equivalent Exchange

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Ingame Name: ElNachoDelicious

Reason of joining: Well, I want a decent server to play on of course. All the non-whitelisted are pretty bad.

Experience: I've played Tekkit pretty much since the modpack came out.

Age: 17

Favorite mod: Well, I love the quarry, but overall EE is more convenient. So my favorite mod is EE.

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IGN: Kobra_7

Reason for Joining: I know very little about tekkit, and I'm in need of a good server to learn more. I supposed whitelist servers would be somewhat nicer than open ones.

Experience: As far as tekkit, little. I know the basics. I've played Minecraft since 1.2.5

Age: 13

Favorite Mod: I actually like having OptiFine because it allows all of the other mods to work with ease. Without OptiFine, I wouldn't even be able to play tekkit probably...

Thanks in advance!

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