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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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Bop's Application

Ingame Name: bopsu

Reason of joining: Well i've been looking for a great server for a while now and this looks interesting. Im also an magician but many servers do have EE disabled but this doesn't

Experience: MC 2 years Tekkit 1 year


Favorite mod: Definetly EE & RP

Tuikku's Application

Ingame Name: Tuikutin

Reason of joining: Because im gonna play with Bop and this server looks good

Experience: MC: 1 Year! Tekkit: I havent played tekkit that much but Bop is gonna teach me =) (I hope that isn't a problem)

Age: 13

Favorite mod: EE & RP

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Ingame Name: AmerikanRX

Reason of joining: Looking for some tekkit fun. XD Also not interested in little kids jabbering like on some servers.

Experience: Been playing vanilla a long time...Played tekkit classic for years, even before it became classic. Played quite alot of Tekkit a new frontier.

Age: 23

Favorite mod: Hmm...that's a difficult one. Guess I'm gunna go with IC....solar panels FTW!

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Ingame Name: GOODGOAT

Reason of joining: I play Tekkit alone, and would like a fun community to play with

Experience: Ive played Tekkit since the BEGINNING OF TIME

Age: 18

Favorite mod: Optifine/TMI (I build maps and these are my favorite to build with)

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Ingame Name: Slizzle

Reason of joining: Looking for a vanilla Tekkit server with few banned items.

Experience: Tons. Use to run my own server - http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-verve-pve-20-slots-whitelist-the-24-7-vanilla-tekkit-server-you-have-been-waiting-for.27944/page-8#post-233081

Age: 25

Favorite mod: Nothing in particular :P

Notes: Would love to apply for a staff position if there are any available.

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Ingame Name:Redheadleanne

Reason of joining: have been looking for a friendly server, non pvp, so i would love to join yours and have a look around and get to know you all

Experience: about 2 years of mineshaft experience

Age:20 years of age

Favorite mod: IC2 love it and know most of the crafts of by heart. :D

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