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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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Ingame Name: herico95

Reason of joining: I have been looking for a server a while now. This one looks great. I hope really i get accepted.

Experience: Been playing tekkit for a while now. Playing a lot with friends building big machines and stuff.

Age: 17

Favorite mod: Redpower and buildcraft

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Ingame Name: nytsei1210

Reason of joining: i am the player pigsinblankets' cousin and i really like tekkit and im getting quite good at it and i will try and be on as much as i can and im sure that if im stuck with anything pigsinblabkets will help me.

Experience: normal minecraft alot and tekkit not as much but still a bit.

Age:11 but i am very mature and will never grief or steal or do anything bad and will always help people out if they need it.

Favorite mod:EE and RP as i have always had a interest in building things with redstone and i also love magic.

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Ingame Name: THEJEWGOD

Reason of joining: Looking for a server that I wont get items stolen and a server that is dedicated with a community that isn't too big or too small as well as people that can assist me inn building complex projects.

Experience: 19 months

Age: 17

Favorite mod: IC2 late game and EE to start

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Ingame Name: Vyrewolf

Reason of joining: Previous servers i have been on have eventually closed. I am looking for another server to join.

Experience: I have been tinkering with tekkit for close to a year, and had used a few mods well before then. I am rapidly becoming interested in the frames included in Redpower, but use components from most of the major mods.

Age: 20

Favorite mod: Redpower by far, though the machines in IC2 are vital no matter which mod is your favorite.

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Ingame Name: Hyper782

Reason of joining: I like socializing whilst building, and survival is more fun that creative.

Experience: Co-hosted several tight-knit servers, mainly for building. Learned most of what I know watching Yogscast.

Age: 17 (in a few days)

Favorite mod: Equivalent Exchange.

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