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[3.1.2]Tekkit Generation[PVE][48 SLOTS][WHITELIST][EE ENABLED]


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Ingame Name: Aeronaut12

Reason of joining: I wanted to find a trustable and moderately new server that also doesnt take all the good mods away like EE, ComputerCraft, Redpower, ect. This one looked pretty good.

Experience: Ive been playing Minecraft since early-mid 2011(around beta 1.6), and have been playing Tekkit for about 9 months now. I'm pretty good with IC2, Equivilent Exchange, and BuildCraft

Age: 14

Favorite mod: Definitely Equivilent Exchange. Nothing better than being able to actually do something with all my worthless stacks of dirt and cobble :)

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Ingame Name:celtickings2387

Reason of joining:to have fun and build with my little brother

Experience:1/2 years i was a Owner of a server 4months then it crashed so i stoped


Favorite mod: EE

Ingame Name:bd2387

Reason of joining:i play with my brother and we like to build and have fun

Experience:2 years


Favorite mod: EE

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Ingame Name: Singeie

Reason of Joining: I've been thinking of joining a server again for a while, and this one seemed like it was mature yet fun, and had a nice sounding group of people involved which is a good thing.

Experience: Minecraft for over a year and a bit, I then stopped to concentrate on some college work, then when I was finished threw myself into Tekkit with my all male housemates, (testosterone and keyboards don't always mix!) who just blew everything up, so have been tinkering with Tekkit for about 10 months on and off and never banned.

Age: 18

Favorite mod: Hard one. I liked liked forestry till it was removed, but I love Equivalent Exchange!

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