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Technic Launcher won't launch any modpacks FIX



So, yesterday when I downloaded Technic Launcher on my new PC it couldn't launch any modpacks.

Basically what happens is that when I press the play button on any mod, it starts to download some assets and stuff then the technic launcher closes, then opens up again, and it just repeats whatever I do.

I've tried changing my java from jre8 to jre7 (64bit), changing ram up to 8 gigs (I have a total of 16 gb RAM), reinstalling modpacks and reinstalling TechnicLauncher.

Here is pastebin of logs:



just update your NVIDIA drivers!

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I am having the same problem and was going to post a forum untill i saw this one. My java and NVIDIA are all up to date. This recently started happening and im not sure exactly what the problem is. I am trying to run it on a laptop.

Laptop Specs

- Dell XPS 15 9550

- GTX 960 NVIDIA GeForce

-8 Gig Ram

-Intel CORE i7 processor


Hopefully someone can resolve this issue thanks :)

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7 hours ago, CreeperGate said:

This is the same problem I have, but I don't have Nvidia and the ram change is not working! (I should post here i have same problem)

Then this is not the issue you have and you should really post your own thread about it instead of posting on a random nearly 4.5 year old one.

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