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Hi all

I'm just running a very small local server for Tekkit Classic. I'm trying to add the /sethome and /home commands in, so I can teleport home when required.

I've hunted down the plugin - Homestead (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/homestead), and found a versino that runs on the server (1.0.1).

When I try to use either command, it says "Not allowed to do that.". Ok, frustrating, I figure it must be a permissions thing... So I give myself op, and sure enough, the commands work fine. But I want other friends who join to be able to use the commands, too. So I notice on the wiki for Homestead it tells you the permissions:


So I think, cool, ok, I'll figure out how to put those in. After reading for a while, various websites tell me to modify the permissions.yml file, and this seems to be what I need to put in...

    default: true
    - Homestead.Command.Home
    - Homestead.Command.Home.Set

So I do that. No dice. Same as before "Not allowed to do that.".

I'm frustrated and stumped. All I want is for these 2 commands to work :P


Can anyone help? Please! :D


Also I've tried editing the above post, however I'm being blocked with a CAPTCHA (cloudflare... grr).

If anyone knows a better way to get a teleport home - please tell me :)

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