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Where to start with creating Minecraft client mods [closed]


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I've looked all over the net and YouTube and for some reason this is some top secret information or something but I'm trying to find out where to get started on making a Minecraft client mod, preferably something that can be put into a pack like feed the beast or technicpack for simplicity for users but either way is fine.

How would I go about creating a mod? I'm familiar with eclipse and java programming itself but I don't know where to start writing a rsa plugin .

I've tried setting up Minecraft Forge but for some reason it is so incredibly confusing and very messy. can't I just include some Minecraft library, start with a simple boilerplate and go from there? (Like developing for Bukkit)

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this is the first pinned/sticky topic that you should read, that contains some helpful links

secondly there is this http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php for learning on java programming itself

I'm gonna move this thread to Mod Makers Market

Take note, that asking "how to mod" is a useless question and revolves too many questions. Instead, explain what you know, what you have done so far and where you seem to be stuck. This will be easier for others to point out where and how to help you


Finally I should add; there aren't that many mod devs around here (barely any) so this topic might not get much replies. Forge community might be a better place for coding discussions

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