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Thank you for a non-stagnant, mature and child-free forum.


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I used to handle whitelisting for our server on a thread through the minecraft forums, and I've just started to recover from the scarring experience of having small children whine and complain about stupid things that they don't understand.

I even got in trouble with some dong-stuck-up-his-ass moderator over there.


Because I told a whiny little sad excuse for a human being that he could be outside playing with his friends or doing something constructive with his life as opposed to spending every minute of his day posting over and over on our thread, telling us how shitty our admins are and how terrible our server is. Of course, who gets in trouble? Not him... Oh no. Of course not. Apparently I was too harsh with the little guy and I might have hurt someone's feelings :'(

I absolutely hate how people think that they are somehow entitled to a service they don't even pay for. Servers, especially modded ones, run into bugs once in a while. They may be down once in a while, too. All these kids do is whine and whine over and over, and it makes you want to pull the hair out of your head and throw your keyboard across the room.

Have things always been this way, or is my generation just the most self-centered and stupidity-filled one of them all?

Anyways, back to the point. I can browse (lurk, hehe) these forums without wanting to keep a puke bucket next to my computer 24/7. I'd like to thank the staff here for keeping things in check and making this a great place to have a server thread.

Oh, and one more thing, the whale box just might be one of the funniest things I've seen in quite a while. Great idea, great execution, and it couldn't be more hysterical.

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Never trust them with your scones. You hear me?

They... do things to them.

At least for the most part they stay in the shadows... elsewhere they run rampant because they were never dealt with.

Yeah some places figure rather then deal with "pest" just let them roam free and take care of them only when asked or it gets out of hand. Heard roams that one site I am one is horribly lax on trolls and will only ban them when several users whine. I wouldn't know because trolls only ever bother the "popular" people on there and I am eating lunch with Pete, the one armed janitor. ):

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Please sir, define child. ;)

Also yeah, the whiny ones can be the worst. I remember back when I used to own a PS3 and would play some games online, most of it was filled with vulgar 10- year olds swearing because you killed them, and insulting your dead mother and saying they slept with her isn't exactly the most mature way to go about insulting someone, especially since it's quite point blank rude and distasteful. Oh well...

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I doubt anyone would be able to guess my real age, but I would say my mental age is around 20.

Well, if we are to believe you are an 'obnoxious necromancer' as the line under your avatar says, you could possibly be hundreds or thousands of years old.

And I'm not going to bother guessing. :P

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