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"Super Technilicious give-away extravaganza" Or "I have 10 copies of DOTA2 to give away"


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Come one, come all!

Throw your Steam account name in here so I can give DOTA 2 to you, if you want it! Or send me a PM, that works too, if you'd rather not have any body see your Steam account name.

I'm like a kilted Santa Claus that only comes around out of season!


87 6 to go! First come, first serve.

Also, note: I'm from Europe. If you send me a PM, or reply to the thread, I may not respond immediately. Procedure is as follows: I add you as a friend to Steam. You accept the request and I send the gift.

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I'll throw my Saint Nicholas' Bag of Holding into the ring as well to prevent topic clutter.

DotA 2 x3

AirMech Gift Pack x2 (One was claimed!)

Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road DLC

i'll take an airmech thingy, late as i may be...

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