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Reasons I Love the Whale Box

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The whale box(is it capitalized?) is just brilliant. Both the idiots people that post the posts that get in there, and the people that comment are hilarious. I have never seen so much sarcasm in a single thread. Also, it gives me a good reason to facepalm. Keep up the good work, idiots people!

Note: I didn't strikethrough the idiots in an edit, it was just like that in the beginning. :D

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I really like the one where a mod is totally trying to get some dude to start a communist revolution on the forums. man, that moderator must be a really handsome and cool guy, am I right?

Indeed, who was it again? I think it was Torezu that did that

I like the one where all the mods get hate mail. I'm sure they all love that, very much!

If you want I can send you guys some more, gotta share the hate love

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You've sure been having this one for a while. Could say the same for Jay. Not saying that's a bad thing, I never changed mine either.

funny that you should mention that. I've been considering moving on to another picture of Spider Jerusalem.

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