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[1.5.2]Technic Battles Redux[Pvp][72][TBR: The Modpack] Companies, Teams, Politics!

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har har ysharma so whats the news on the server and stuff since consec. ids don't work and everything else just curious anyway I can help and when maybe (im not asking for concrete date or being rude and pushy) the server back its fun but its not like my lifes minecraft *hides in corner *

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Server will be up when Im done. I am looking through the server logs, and will be fixing the broken stuff. Consecutiveness will be done on the side, right now main priority is getting the server back up. and doing history homework.

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My progress:

The main / directory refers to your configs folder in the modpack folder.

ID's 1-145 Vanilla MC

ID's 146-155 /abo/main.conf

ID's 156-160 /AppliedEnergestics.cfg

ID's 171-184 /AppliedEnergestics.cfg

ID's 161-164 /AdvancedPowerManagement.cfg

ID's 165-170 /AdvGenerators.cfg

ID's 171-184 /AppliedEnergestics.cfg

ID's 185-198 /APUnofficial.cfg

ID's 199-255, 404-565 /ArsMagica.cfg

ID's 566-569 /ASTU.cfg

ID's 570-580 /Bibliocraft.cfg

ID's 570-570 /BioLock.cfg

ID's 571-580 /BioMaterials.cfg

ID's 581-596 /buildcraft/APS.cfg

ID's 597-660 /buildcraft/main.conf

ID's 661-663 /CCheldsPeripherals.cfg

ID's 664-665 /CCLights.cfg

ID's 666-667 /CCTurtle.cfg

ID's 668-671 /ChargePads.cfg

ID's 672-672 /ChickenChunks.cfg

ID's 673-676 /cofh/omnitools.cfg

ID's 677-700 /cofh/thermalexpansion.cfg

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So, in the hopes of summarization, given that I have no idea what information in this thread or on the forums is still current, what's going on with the modpack atm? Is the server up, down, left, right, in, out, being updated or what?

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Server is up, but its software is running some beta work im doing not available to the public. I have a schoolweek right now, so I won't be able to finish till friday or saturday. Thread will be updated bit by bit.

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I have homework. Anyone want to configure item id's?

I'd configure some ids, Ysharma. Just tell me what ones to configure and how to configure them, and I'll do it.

Thread will be updated bit by bit.

Seems like bit by bit means letter by letter... Considering the fact that I've been asking for a thread update since the last thread so that it includes Drake Co. but neither you nor andrew have ever updated it upon being asked to do so. So, to avoid further disappointment, this will be the last time I ask. Could someone please update the thread to include Drake Co. in the companies list? If not, then fine, I'll go unnoticed, but if I end up being the one lone guy who constantly gets nuked or anti-matter-ed for being constantly in the stone age even though he's allied to the biggest company in the server, then I blame the thread.

Ok, complaint over, sorry for dumping all that on you guys :P but I just had to get that out of my system so that'd be about 10 less rage points in the constantly building resource pool that resides in my brain, maxing out at 200 and overflowing into the part of my brain that makes me angry. Ok, sorry for anything that was perhaps off-topic, but i'm a bit distracted by this raging thunderstorm outside. See ya all tomorrow if the storm doesn't cut out the power, or worse...

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@Ysharma: Just tell your parents that you're gaining valuable firsthand experience dealing with technical troubleshooting, software compatibility, and customer support. Make it sound like you're actually doing something.

Seriously though, take your time. We don't mind waiting.

If I might make a suggestion as well, would it help you at all if you removed a bunch of the "peripheral" mods? I haven't looked over the list that thoroughly, but I honestly doubt that anyone would use ThaumicBees or other obscure add-ons on a regular basis, if ever. It just seems like extra work for you to deal with when you're still trying to nail down a stable build. And if anyone does want to use them, they could just request that you add them back in later.

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Yes. The server is using beta item id builds. Otakuhalo has offered to finish that bit for me, then I fix some flans stuff, then I add and configure:



tinkerers construct

more pistons

fancy gui

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