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RedNet Cable + ComputerCraft


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Keeping in mind that much of what a CC computer was needed for can now be achieved with the MFR Programmable RedNet Controller (PRC).

For simple applications, yes. But don't understimate the creative applications of ComputerCraft - they can be far and away beyond a PRC.

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they can be far and away beyond a PRC.

Sure. Made a MV solar array factory using turtles with remote inventory monitoring and summary/activity display. Quite entertaining to watch. Was in Tekkit Lite so I hope things are better now, but that thing wouldn't run for more than 10-15 minutes before the server just silently stopped responding. No errors, no CPU load, no disk activity, no logs, just complete hang of the process requiring a "kill -9". All the code was fairly simple, and extensively debugged by multiple people. It "should" have worked fine. Super fun though. I still use them all the time.

I've actually implemented an online player detector with CC in the new Tekkit. I have a background perl script that starts before the server and monitors the server log. The script simply creates a file on the disk in the mods/ComputerCraft/apis/players/ directory for each player that is online and removes them when they leave. Makes it super easy to have a simple program running on the computers to monitor for the existence of the file for a particular player. Been running since the weekend Tekkit came out with not a single problem. Saved the program to mods/ComputerCraft/apis/custom/playerdetector.lua. All players have to do is make a startup file with "shell.run("/apis/custom/playerdetector.lua", "myplayername")" and it works just like the detector from TubeStuff.

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While I do appreciate the MFR Rednet (especially the seamless way it integrated "bundled" and "normal" cabling functionality from RP2), it is pretty limited until it gets CC support. I was a big user of RP2 bundled cable + computers back in 1.4.x, and there are plenty of unique uses for that over a PRC (although many of them are gone with the frame system, which still remains unique to RP2). For instance, elevators (based on either pistons, elevator rails from Railcraft, or whatever). Or codelocked doors. Or, hell, touchscreen control centers for your whole base, with visual monitor feedback.

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