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[Question] What's the most efficient way of turning ores into ingots?


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I'm actually really enjoying the smelters from tinkers construct. I automate them to produce blocks of each ore. Makes the equivelent of 9 ingots quite quickly and storage for the massive amount of ore in bigdig is much simpler. You do need lava but it doesn't seem to use all that much.

There's also something fun about multiblock structures and I feel very industrious piping lava and molten metal around!

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Induction is great in the beginning because it'll pump out ingots fast, and you get the added bonus chance of rich slag (which triples ore)... but once you get power really going, you're better off using pulverizers and electric furnaces. Gotta get a good powerstation going or the process speed suffers.

Once I get a large stockpile of pulverized obsidian I'm gonna dabble with Fusion reactors. Gotta try and not blow myself up in the process.

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To sum things up:

Pulverizer: 2x

Tinkers Construct Smelter: 2x (i think)

Inductionsmelter 2-3x but requires sand

Ore Berry Bushes: 0.1x but lasts infinite as the ores grow back on them

Personally I'd say it doesn't matter, given how easy it is to find everything.

You can create a Quarry running full speed in 30 minutes after you first join a TBD world, after that you basicaly got infinite ores.

Its up to you how complicated you want your system to be. Efficiency shouldn't matter in TBD, the mod is desiged to give you maximum freedem what you want to use, you just need to figure out how to do it.

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I just remember that the universal electricity mods have some bits of ore processing. There are significantly more steps and machine costs, but that guarantee triples.

If you want serious ore output, a process like Factorization's is impressive output. 3.5x to 4.2x output.

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If you set up a process correctly, then mekanism is the best for certain ores (Allowing a 3x output per ore to dust).

These would include:

Iron, Gold, Tin, Copper, Silver, Osmium.

The process you use is as follows:

Purification Chamber -> Crusher -> Enrichment Chamber

The downside to this is that the Purification Chamber requires flint to work.

The upside is that all these machines can be upgraded on their speed, allowing quick breakdowns. When coupled with the Ender Chest/Ender Pouch, and set up correctly on a AE network, these ores can be set up to auto-breakdown to dusts while you are out mining. Just install a chunk loader (Dimensional Anchor) where your base is to keep the machines loaded to do their work.

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