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nah, TC stuff has pretty low max really, some of the bows can get 20 damage or so with a single enchant, hunters gun is also pretty good normal ammo does about 15 damage avg imo. Also many enemies are fire immune so that enchant is worthless on like half or more of the enemies you fight.

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So far, the most damaging (per hit) weapon I've tried is the Legia Bow. With Power V, it normally does 27-36 damage per hit on unarmored targets. The Crystal Bow might do more damage over time, since it fires much faster.

As for melee weapons, the most damaging weapon I've found is the Ender Giant Sword, which regularly does 16 damage with Sharpness V, and can do 20 or more with critical hits.

It's unfortunate that TC weapons aren't that great compared to what's available. The Legia Bow, in my opinion, is not nearly costly enough for being the most powerful ranged weapon in the game (it only takes iron, wood and string to construct)

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perhaps this is common knowledge by now but this is the only topic i've seen via google search.

nifty thing i learned about tinker's construct is you can add more quartz to a weapon at the cost of a mod slot. all the other weapons seem to have a damage range whereas TC weapons are consistent damage. a 5 mod slot manyulyn broadsword was doing 20 damage to zombie and 22 damage to everything else. the rapier is obviously better vs armored mobs/walker king piercing quickly for 16 dmg.

according to the post on asgard zed swords (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1432828-asgard-shield-sword-n-board-action-added-knockback-enchant-support-v204-upd-may-26/) diamond does 3.5 hearts while ender only does 3 hearts and has 5% less passive armor bonus, less durability as well.

if you want to give up damage on the rapier it'll still do more than other weapons that don't pierce armor in favor of luck or other modifiers.

all around the giant swords are still better due to utility enchants being superior to TC options. TC wins DPS. if disenchanting is changed or becomes unavailable then TC may be more attractive.

legia bow or handgun is the obvious choice for ranged. holy hand grenades are also pretty nice but expensive.

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I solo'd a Walker Cathedral (including the boss) last night with my TC Manyullyn Longsword. I give 2 slots to Sharpness to increase damage, and 2 slots to Life Steal. DPS + Lifesteal = never die. You may not kill things right away, or quickly, but I can't understate how insane constant Life Drain buffing is.

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Bane of pigs

I'm pretty sure it's a joke item, not meant to be crafted or actually used. Looking at the durability and damage in the Tool Station:

Durability: 21474836/21474836

Attack: 10737418 hearts

For comparision, an Iron Broadsword has the following:

Durability: 380/380

Attack: 3 hearts

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