[1.2.10]4EG[24/7][Teamspeak][No lag][PvE/PvP][20 SLOTS][MyTown][Shops][Ranks]

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Tekkit (main) : v1.2.10
Server I.P. :

Four Elements Gaming website :

Teamspeak Server I.P. :


It's recommended to get the new Technic Launcher.

Technic Launcher : Technic Launcher Download site

Select Tekkit as modpack to launch (blue space theme)

Launcher settings/Tekkit options > Select > 1.2.10




Currently 20 Slots available !

We have ranks. Running 24/7, Auto restart every 6 hours.

Server designed to teach the new Tekkit mods and how to use the machines/items.

Ranking system unlocks mods/items as you rank up. Friendly/helpful staff. Few banned items.

Community of like minded players, willing to assist/help.

Spawn :

picture unavailable


Admin Shops :

picture unavailable


Staff :


Players having fun !!! :











  • [1] No Spam : Including, Channels, Players, and commands.
  • [2] No Offensive Buildings : Your structures must be friendly too.
  • [3] No Discrimination/Racism : Speech is a right not a freedom.
  • [4]No Client Mods : Mods or Hacks that give unfair, donator only, or any ability you should not have are not allowed here.
  • [5] Report All Bugs : Finding bugs is fun, reporting them to staff is in the rules and fair for all players.
  • [6] No Begging : Do your own work.
  • [7] No Profanity : Cursing, Vulgar language not permitted
  • [8]No advertising/spamming i.p. for other servers
  • [9]Respect Staff
  • [10] Follow Staff Directions



Chunk Loader (both MFR &Chickenchunks)

Spot Loader





HeadAdmin - ThePa9an

Admins - DemonKezzington, 4EG_KINGBOSS, devildeath

4EG_Amergin, chopper31, iDarX, WayneFrancis, WhiteDuck

Mods - senoc, cesmaster, Spazitu, Dr.Who,T73

Server250, electropotato686, Rayman1046





Tekkit 1.2.10 (this posting) :

FTB BloodNBones 1.1.2 :

FTB Agrarian Skies 3.1.1 :

Attack of the B-Team 1.0.12a :

4EG Magus Miners : (4EG Custom Modpack)

More servers to come :phone:

Tekkit 1.2.10, Brought to you by 4EG.

For more info visit our site at Find Us on Teamspeak at


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What an amazing server.

Finally a place that does what it can to work with players. Fun and silly things happening all the time. Admins are friendly, players are decent.

Still a lot of things need to be done, but they are working with the tools they have and are doing a neat job of remastering HammerCraft to the latest tekkit version out 1.5.1

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This is one of the best communities I have found in any online game, so welcoming and helpful, and the staff are always ready to help out. I've never stayed with a server for so long.

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    • By JFULKER
      I started playing on this server 2 days ago and me and my friend are having such a good time!! we made a clan finally took us a bit of time trying to set one up, but got there eventually. The staff on at that time where really helpful and now we are building up our little town. Looking for a tekkit server that's fun defiantly give this one a try! 
    • By Cody t
      When i try and load tekkit classic or any other modpack (pixelmon, blight fall and even vinilla) it just goes to a white screen and doesnt do anything after. I used to be able to launch modpacks but now i cant any ideas ? 
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      A fun, medieval themed PvE server featuring claims, custom content & plugins, no banned items, world anchors, kits, custom terrain, active staff, epic builds and much much more... ~
      Server IP:
      Discord Server: 
      ABOUT US
      We are a sever for the players - everything we do is aimed at a more enjoyable, fun, fair experienced for our player. Our management staff have years of experience under their belts, and our moderation staff are trained and disciplined. Our team is always around to help you out and make your experience here the best that it can be. We are oriented around service and quality.
      We strive to be different - we aim to provide a unique, original experience in Tekkit Legends, and put an immense amount of effort into our server, that many other networks are unwilling to do. Everything must be of as high a standard as possible, and we'll always do our best to achieve quality results. Our sever is constantly being updated to ensure we are up to date with the modern community, and to ensure we are always bringing you fresh, new content.
      We prioritise integrity - You may have seen many servers in your time, that use fake accounts to boost their numbers, use proxies to vote for themselves, lie about their specs and their community, and only care about their donors... Spearhead will never do this to our community, because we aim for absolute integrity and value an honest experience for our players. 
      Plugins: Many different quality and custom plugins that disable dupes, bugs, cheats and issues, and give the server an active economy, timed ranks, fun things to do, multiple worlds and much more. For security reasons we do not publicise a precise list of plugins.
      Server Rules: The server does not allow hacking, cheating or unfair play of any kind. The chat, while controlled is fairly chill, we just ask you to keep it PG. A list of rules is available on our Website, Discord, Server or just ask any staff member.
      Server Uptime: 24/7!
      Not convinced? Here's a few reasons that our server stands above the rest....
      The server is managed by staff with years of experience on modded servers It's Developed and Built by experts Our mod/admin staff are highly trained and disciplined Custom plugins have been developed to keep the bugs away Advanced security systems are in place to prevent cheating/griefing We allow claims to protect your builds, but have provided an arena in which to fight if you want! Large, detailed, epic exclusive builds are present everywhere you look We feature massive areas of custom, unique terrain We do not cheat our numbers or lie about our sever's stats No banned items World anchors and other highly useful items are available Nice donor perks are available, but the server is not pay to win Timed ranks And many, many, more reasons... Questions? Feel free to join our discord server, to ask any questions or get any help from staff (or just to chat!).
      Server Trailer Video: 

    • By RedNewton
      every time I click play on this world it acts as if its loading and then it closes tekkit legends and go directly back to the launcher. pls send help
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      So downloaded the technic launcher in order to play some of what technic has to offer and I get stuck on the sign in! The sign in asks you to sign in with a Mojang account which cannot be created anymore as it automatically sends you to in order to make an account there. You Cannot use a to sign in so I'm kind of stuck on what to do, I already own minecraft on a account. Any help would be appreciated! How would I go about getting into the technic launcher?