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Any Good Indie Titles?

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Did you see the thread about this? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93148867

In case you didn't....

Minecraft but in Space! Doesn't have a very polished UI, but the game engine is obviously bedrock solid.

Currently in Alpha, and is free to play. You can buy it for 3 USD and will never be charged again, like Minecraft was for people who bought during Alpha.

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2D Games you say? Why not try Terraria? Very fun and very separate from Minecraft contrary to popular belief. I've wasted hours on it over a friend's place (Pc Only, Currently a Xbox 360 release is out as well)

And if you want something different... Try "To The Moon". I won't spoil anything and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Dont Starve is very fun when you get into it. I suggest you pick it up.

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Ah, I've heard about it. 5 years ago, I would've tried it. But alas, in the recent years, my gaming preferences have shifted unfavorably into the FPS realm. I grew up on Age of Empires, Pharaoh, Cultures, Red Alert, Starcraft... But I can't play those games anymore without getting either (a) bored or (B) frustrated. I am ashamed, but it's true, sadly.

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Ever heard of thefreebundle.com?

Kinda like the humble bundle, but free. Lots of little gems in there, and pretty much everything in there, (exceptions exist), can be run on minimal hardware. Mostly for windows, but there are some mac/linux titles too. New pack should come out friday.

My favorites are:

  • Nitronic Rush, (need decent hardware for this one, great little racing game, looks beautiful),
  • Imscared (very well done creepy-awesome game. Also where I got my first avatar here from. I highly recommend it.)
  • 8-bit megaman deathmatch, (FPS, exactly what it sounds like, also has multiplayer. Good crazy fun.)
  • Turn and Burn, (nice little packet of arcade fun)
  • Celestial Mechanica, (short, but a great platformer)
  • The witches house, (another great puzzle/horror game)
  • Meyhem Triple, (great side-scrolling shoot-em-up. I still play this from time to time.)
  • Mad Father, (another horror/puzzle game)
  • Super Smash Land (esentially smash bros for the gameboy, but on PC)

Or, if you don't want to get them at thefreebundle.com for whatever reason, you can just get them at the various websites the authors have set up.

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I love games that give you serious mindf*ck. I always loved Portal. I'm gonna try out Antichamber and hey - 20 bucks ain't too bad.

I recommend Imscared then. That game.... that game messes with your head. See the Creepypasta thread on this very forum for proof. The only person who played it all the way through (besides me) had already seen a let's play ahead of time, which kind of ruins pretty much any game.

Or did you mean that in more of a puzzling sense? (Although I suppose Imscared has both, plus it's free.)

On another note, cubeworld seems like it will be good, the shop was opened recently for alpha, and was brought down by the sheer amount of traffic that hit it within hours.

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Some Indie games I have really enjoyed are: (I know some of these have been posted before, but it helps to have a second opinion.)

Antichamber -Mind bending puzzle game with some ingenious puzzles and level design.

Faster Than Light - Rogue-like space voyage game, I can't escape this game, just when I think "OK, I should be finishing up finally so I can move on to other games and only play this one every once in a while," boom, sudden ship battle that should have been easy rips me to shreads.

Awesomenauts - REALLY fun MOBA presented in the form of a 2D action platformer. The whole thing is styled in overly corny 90's cartoon style, each character (save coco, coco will make you want to kill yourself she is that stereotypical and grating,) keeps you chuckling, and it is layered on top of a very well balanced team-based MOBA.

Hotline Miami - I can't really explain this one besides Tactical Fast-Paced Gorefest. Get it, it is really, really fun.

Gunpoint - A sort of puzzly-platformy game with a killer mechanic that makes the whole game worth it. I can't describe it very well written, so:

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So I picked up the latest Indie Debut bundle from Indie Royale, and it included Logigun. It's fun and engaging, not too difficult to pick up the basics, but it gets tough up in the higher floors. (Especially 8-4. Can't figure out how to position the switch right in that one yet.)

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