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Removal of IndustrialCraft


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forget ic2, i want railcraft,it makes no sense that the only pack its in doesnt let you take full advantage of it.

Well go tell CJ to chill out and let the team put it back in then, because we didn't meet his explicit permissions requirements with Lite he requested that we remove it, since then the team haven't put it in to any packs

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IC2 was a good gateway mod but it was, in the end, a learning process for an aspiring modder. Now that modder fell of the friggin map and the mod itself is a ghostly shell.

I used to be in the same boat as the OP but give yourself a couple of hours, try out the new mods (give the powersuit mod a chance), and you'll realize that you can do about 99% of the things you could've done in IC2. If you need help, hit the wikis.

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IC2 is only wanted because of the power system, not the actual production machines. You will find the Universal electricity Adv Solar to be quite rewarding if enough are present.

Or just go for 1 heat gen as a jumper and 1 pump, 4 seperators and 4 hydro gens in a 3 by 3


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