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any good elevator ideas?


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i am looking to build a tower that uses the map's maximum height - it will have a sci-fi theme and i would like it to include some form of elevator / vertical transport.

i believe vertical rail is not in this pack - but i am happy to instal any simple mods that will allow me to do something better than using a waterfall or very long diagonal rail track!

has anyone had any success with this version of tekkit to achieve something similar?

thanks very much.

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You can remove the delay on the continuous mode, but then you start bumping into problems with some blocks. If you use it purely for doors and other structures (that will not bear any sort of buildcraft pipes or computers or whatever), you can remove it. The maximum speed is still, I think, one block every 20 ticks, or in other terms, 1 block/second.

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AFAIK, you can stand on turtles. Just program your floors distance into the turtle programs. When you use them, hop on and type the area (program) you wish to go to and voila. You could also use a computer on each floor to "call" the elevator to your floor based on its current position. If you were really good at turtle lua, you could right click the turtle and have a menu system with simple numbers to decide on which floor you 'd like to go to.

I'm at work right now so can't back any of this up but would be cool if possible. Also, to "hide" the turtle a bit, maybe you could but gravel or sand on top of them and it would move with them? I dunno. Just a wacky idea.

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appreciate all the ideas! hmmm - tho strangely it does seem that the fastest method is the original vanilla piston elevator.

fyi check this out -

- absolutely amazing, but well beyond my scope!

the turtle sounds interesting Harvey tho i would need to familiarise myself with the language.

i checked out some videos of gravity pistons - very halo-like :) great to get you up to a certain level - but i am not sure how you would get down!

thanks again.

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At least it's not an Aerial Faith Plate from the Portal mod. That one sends you on a parabolic arc instead.

May I suggest the other pistons as well? There's a sextuple piston that you can use; I'd have to check the version I have to see if that is the longest available. (It's the Smeagol build.)

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