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[1.1.10] RiffRaff Syndicate [PvE/PVP][40 Slots][No mods removed] Rise of the RiffRaff Syndicate


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In-game name: LORD_ARKAINE

Age: 37

Time spent playing modded Minecraft: since bukkit came out.

Reason I want to join:

I have been playing since vanilla 1.5 beta.

I have made mods,

and have several monolithic structures made in mcedit.

Mods include nbt readers with apis for cc,

fully featured remote control for turtles including autonomous bots that use dstar lite, gps, and rednet.

I have developed pseudo-multithreaded custom apps for computercraft.

Including custom coroutines for running background applications that use pullEvent while giving

Control to the user via term.

I understand how to create my own blocks, items, and entities etc. for mc vanilla, bukkit, and forge mods using mcp

I have an excellent understanding of network protocols including custom packet generation for mc client server comms.

16 years experience in IT.

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In-game name: Revelationgames

Age: 29

Time spent playing modded Minecraft: 2+ years. Helped host a small personal custom MC server.

Reason I want to join: Looking for a new home using Tekkit packs. Just want to sit back and enjoy a server rather than having the stress of moderating one.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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