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Thats is caused by the weather mod. You can go trough the config and disable leave falling. 


(%appdata% -> .technic -> modpacks -> attack-of-the-bteam -> config -> WeatherMod -> Wind.cfg ->     B:Wind_Particle_leafs=true ->     B:Wind_Particle_leafs=false)

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what i found helpful was:


go to the technic launcher,

then go to the cog in the top right corner.

turn the gb down, i have a desktop so i had mine down to 1 gb but if u have a small laptop u may need 1.5 - 2 gb of storage.

before this change i was getting 7 - 15 fps on tiny but now i can go onto normal and get 15-40 fps.

hope this helped cos it really helped me! :)


also get 64 bit java and dedicate more ram to java (my java has 2gb)

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