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Hello everyone j_inater here, some of you know me, most probably not. About lets say 30 minutes ago I was randomly disconnected by the server and tried to re log in. It then told me I was banned for 10 years...yeah. Anyway I tried to follow up with Arcelius. And there seems to be a misunderstanding, I apparently cussed out some people on chat of which I was not aware of. I come to think that my account had been hacked and am trying to fix it right now. I would like to personally say I apologize in advance for anyone who may of been targeted or offended while my account had been usurped. I am not one to cuss out people or to be a douche to people in any way, in game and irl. I hope I can get something sorted out with my ban but until then, thank you for your cooperation.

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Welp, it hurts me to say this but...we have lost one of the Generic-Land staff members...i will let all staff members know who it was...also for the admins i would like to hold a meeting either tomorrow or Sunday (karthora is welcome to join)

Also, if i ever see another staff member acting up i will ban them right away and that will be the end. I cant believe that i cant trust our staff members...only some mods but all admins 

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