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Hi Aaronbob190

Regarding your issue of being stuck in the mining world it is my understanding that the Admins (who I am one of) would not be able to help you as only generictag can reset you. I will aim to have a chat with him tonight about you and Dunjlord being stuck in the mining world (probably about 9-10pm GMT as Generictag is in the US so has a different playtime to me and you (guessing your GMT from the time of your posts)).

Also in reply to your comment about Admin activity - alot of the staff are in the USA as the server is based in states, this means alot of them will not be online when you are / are busy assisting Generictag with the server move. I am the only European Admin currently and I have been unavailable due to work commitments (Swanning off around Europe), I aim to return this weekend onwards so hopefully you should start seeing more Admins.

Hopefully see you on the server shortly.


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Attention all of the land of Generic! I, Lowcorpse, after the reset, will be creating the new mine here world for the server! I have many mystcraft pages to choose from, over one-hundred, and I can create a custom, luxurious world for all! If anyone would like to request specific things to be featured, other than what I'm putting in, then I will consider your choice. I hope all are prepared for the D-Day of the old! Out with the old and in with the new!

- Lowcorpse

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