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hey guys,


I apologise for my actions on the server within the last few weeks, It was very idiotic and disappointing. this is not a ban appeal, or a request for my rank to be reinstated, nor am I asking for sympathy. Just wanted to write a formal apology,


-   delaney518 / Connor

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Hey guys, Another over due update. I have just finished moving and spend 10 days with out internet... yes it was hard. Looks like i have alot to catch up on. If you need to get a hold of me use steam chat first then messages me here second. 


Anyways, thanks go out to my staff for keeping the server mostly standing in my absence.

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Hey guys, im having some problem connecting.. when I hit multiplayer its telling me that 1.6.4 client is out of date.. ive redownloaded tekkit and I must be running the latest version but im a bit of a noob when it comes to things like this so if anyone could throw me some help iid appreciate it, I like this server but its doing my head in that I can hardly ever get on.. :(


Many thanks,



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