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B-TEAM SERVER (Cant place mod blocks)


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Whenever i try to place mod blocks like the alpha titan for example, it disappears and it will crash me out of the server…….. if u didn't understand this please do ask me again as i will try my best to describe what happens ……. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP SO ME AND MY FRIENDS CAN PLAY IN OUR OWN SERVER

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I don't know anything about crashing out of the server, but I do know that if you cannot place mod blocks it often means that your server was run using "minecraft_server.jar" instead of "BTeam.jar".  Typically, the launch.bat (as was already mentioned) is configured to use the correct file (in this case, BTeam.jar)...  so I don't know why it wouldn't work for somebody.


If you're getting an error log, that might also help.  But you might want to post an error log in the bugs section.

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