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Who was the Technic Team who worked on AoBT? Contact Information?


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Hello Everyone! Hope you're all doing well, If someone could give me the name of who worked of the Attack of the B-Team Mod pack itself and server jar, that would be more than appreciated. I have a question directly concerning them and really would like to speak with them. If you don't know exactly but have an idea where to point me, either would be great. Thanks! Cole

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Well any questions can surely be asked here? Unless you think we are unimportant to know what you wish to ask the dev...


Other way is to PM one of Technic team. I would suggest CanVox as he is the main man modpack ministrator.

Or you can try pinging him on Technic's IRC.


The matter had better be extremely important if you must bother him, so think carefully. You're not the first demanding a tête à tête with a Technic administrator

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Thanks Munaus, I'm sorry, I have come to technic, mine craft forum, and pretty much every mod pack because I need someone who can help me. I have a custom Modpack, MCProhosting, and I want to turn it into a private server. I've gone to the far reaches of the Internet to find how to make a custom mod pack server and nothing. So I guess,, does anyone here know how to do that?

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hey munaus.


                    I have downloaded the technic launcher but when I open it, at the side where it should have all the modpacks it just says offline what do I do.


p.s. I am logged in as MY minecraft account and when I downloaded it I clicked no when it said "no installation of technic found, the technic launcher will install at, C:usersstuartAppDataRoaming.technic, would you like to change the install directory"

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