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That's awesome :)


Love the style of yours Halestorm, especially Charles and the gussied up smeltery (I've never tried to pretty it up, it never occurred to me).  It might be of use to know you can make another kind of seared brick with nether materials now, or make seared stone in the smeltery itself to use, those might help if you're looking to change the look.


Hafsteinnd, that's neat - don't forget about the carpenter's slopes and collapsible blocks though for the roof if you don't want to use stairs (slopes are a flat 45 degree angle that'll make most roofing easy, the collapsible blocks can be tilted into whatever shape you need to fill in stuff that doesn't work with slopes).


Here's my server at the moment;


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Thanks loader and wow your layout is awesome lol. I love it. The school just blew me away lol. Your nexus room is also fantastic. How did you get the portals to be different colors? I know there is the facade slot but I didn't know you can change the color of the actual portal block. Although I haven't really played with the portals yet either.

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The portals can simply have dyes used on them to change their colour :)


I only use the dimensional upgrade (to link two together rather than use a dialler... totally not just so I can have a nexus room :P) and the sound stopping modifier, along with a dye so I can at a glance remember where is what.  I hadn't realised the particles changed colours too until I looked at these, that must take a while to take effect or have been added in an update, I remember being disappointed they stayed purple so that was a nice surprise.


I got accused of using creative mode for the school, but if you look closely you can see evidence of having done it in survival mode (I screwed up the great hall, one side is slightly closer than the other if you look closely over the stairs, I would be willing to fix that if I was willing to cheat to do so, but in survival screw that ;))


Edit: Classes are currently out because my niece and nephew have their computer privileges revoked, when they appeared to be doing homework they were actually writing down notes on things they wanted to try in magic school rather than doing real school homework :P  I just bought Minecraft for the niece a couple weeks ago for her birthday, I'm the worst uncle ever (they think I'm great for setting this up as they hadn't used mods before this, and that somehow makes it even worse).

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It's the rednet historian from MFR, it displays the strength of rednet signals on rednet cables, they go through the wall and come up and make the floor under the openblocks targets that give a certain level of output depending on where they're hit (as soon as I saw the target I just had to put the two together :) )


Good spotting with the unseen university names - I'm a bit older so that section actually amused me more than the rest of the stuff, gotta have something for myself, right?

Plus I can get a monkey from tropicraft and put it in the Librarians office.

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A couple screenies of my underground bunker. The upper courtyard is pretty empty, I know; I had a couple buildings up there, but I tore most of them down the other day once I was done moving my stuff underground. Got a few plans in my head for what to put up there instead.


Got a couple more sublevels that aren't shown; they've basically got the same theme with the colored wool and colored lamps, just different colors (orange, cyan and green, respectively). They don't have anything in them yet, though. Soon!


The base used to be in a very lush biome with tons of tall grass etc, but I decided to show mother nature who's boss by turning it into a lifeless wasteland. Sand everywhere, sponged up all the nearby rivers, and so on. Tomorrow I'll find some animals to pour oil on, I think. Maybe pour some poison into the ocean, too.


Anyway, screenies here: http://imgur.com/a/uZx8o?

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