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archimedes ship's bug/crash


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I see two possible solutions to this:


1. Once you pressed the login button, start bashing the dismount button at once. With a little (and I mean little) luck you will dismount and can log in normally again.


2. Have the server admin (or do it yourself if you have access to it) delete all player files of yours. That way the mount (ship) will disappear and you can log in normally again. Keep in mind though that this will delete the ship, your inventory and all associated attributes to your char.

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I built a couple of large ships. The ships work just fine apart from a bit of lag, but every time I decompile them they leave pits in the water next to them, like holes filled with air blocks in the water. It's pretty annoying having to fix these all the time, I was wondering if theres a fix for this. Thanks!

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