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Strange Things Have Been Happening

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I was working on an army and creating a titan when I saw something in the distance. Not to my suprise I found what appeared to be stonehenge. So I flew back to my monstors and titans when I saw a witch out of nowhere. I was confused at first upon seeing this because I was playing on peaceful difficulty and on superflat mode. She had a name and all I can remember is her first name which I think it was Morgana. There were no buildings close by and I was getting sceptical. Morgana _________. I though of using her as a test subject for my guns power. SO FIRE AWAY! This is what scared me the most. It had said in the chat, " Morgana________ hit the ground too hard." She wasn't in the air high enough and she spoke to me! IN THE CHAT, so by this point I checked my difficulty and left the game. PLEASE TELL ME WHO SHE WAS OR COMMENT IF YOU HAD MYSTERIOUS ENCOUNTERS WITH THE GAME BECAUSE NOW I WENT FROM EXCITED TO TERRIFIED. I'm pretty scared and now I want to tell my jealous friend about this because he wont be too jealous now. But seriously. Who [or what] spawns in the middle of nowhere, has mc avatar charactoristics, talks to you in the chat, on a superflat world, on peaceful mode, dies one block above the ground, and scares the living crap out of you. My best gues is MORGANA if thats her name.

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Kr0nZ, you're awesome.  I didn't feel a like did it justice so I had to say something.


Mincrafter13, what Ansem says is exactly right - they're called Coven witches and they're part of the Witchery mod, they help you perform more powerful spells than the basic ones as part of a group.  They can talk in chat and like any named mob you'll get a message when they're killed (you can use a nametag in an anvil to name almost any creature anything, and on death you'll get the message).

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