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I need help!!!!


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So today i decided to play on attack of the B-Team and everything was working like normal i could play on my singleplayer world and everything, but when i decided to play on my server everything seemed to be working. Minecraft showed that the server was up and running so when i try to join it says Building Terrain as usual, but then after that it just exits me out and brings me back to the technic launcher. i've tried resetting my computer and everything. everytime i try it just exits to the technic launcher and doesn't load my server world. Is there a fix to this???

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Go to your attack of the b-team folder and find your crash logs. they should be in a folder labeled "crash-reports." Although it didn't tell you it crashed, odds are likely that a report still exists. Once find the latest crash report you had, post it here. Try to use spoiler tags please, it makes everything look cleaner and prevents having to scroll through a lot of text to reply back.

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