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AE Thermometer not emitting redstone signal?


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So I've built a fission reactor and for some reason when the temperature rises above the warning level, there's no redstone signal emitted. Anyone know if this is a bug? Been fiddling around with it for hours.

If i remove and then re-add the redstone wire, the redstone signal is emitted. then once it returns to the base 22 degrees, it won't switch off to let the water heat up again.


Any help much appreciated :)


* I meant AS, not AE :)

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Indeed that works for me too, thanks :)

But if you add a block next to the thermometer (or underneath / on top, etc) and put redstone alloy onto it, you'll notice it no longer works properly. I'll test with 1.2.8. tomorrow and see if it's fixed. I guess it's no big deal tho, easiy enough to workaround. The problem might be with the red wire, rather than with AS.

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