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IDConflict.txt how to stop?


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please help.

this is my first post and my english suck so please try to understand,

every time i enter to the attak of the bteam is tell me 

"A list of ID conflict has been written to the file 'IDConflicts.txt' in your minecraft directory"

so i search in youtube and is told me to go to minecraft.

witch is attak-of-the-bteam folder in modpack folder,

so i got this from there:



1900: weathermod:TornadoSensor from WeatherMod - witcheryGlowGlobe from witchery
1901: weathermod:TornadoSiren from WeatherMod - witcheryLeechChest from witchery
1902: WeatherMod:VectorTree from WeatherMod - witcheryStatueGoddess from witchery
3347: fenceGate.bloodwood from Natura - moonBlock from GalacticraftCore
3348: fenceGate.hopseed from Natura - cheeseBlock from GalacticraftCore
3350: fenceGate.silverbell from Natura - breatheableAir from GalacticraftCore
3351: fenceGate.amaranth from Natura - landingPad from GalacticraftCore
3352: fenceGate.tiger from Natura - landingPadFull from GalacticraftCore
3353: fenceGate.willow from Natura - unlitTorch from GalacticraftCore
3354: fenceGate.darkwood from Natura - unlitTorchLit from GalacticraftCore
3355: fenceGate.fusewood from Natura - distributor from GalacticraftCore
3356: blazerail from Natura - oxygenCompressor from GalacticraftCore
3357: blazerail.powered from Natura - oxygenCollector from GalacticraftCore
3358: blazerail.detector from Natura - refinery from GalacticraftCore
3359: blazerail.activator from Natura - fuelLoader from GalacticraftCore
3360: furnace.netherrack from Natura - sealer from GalacticraftCore
3361: nether.obelisk from Natura - oxygenDetector from GalacticraftCore
3362: nether.glass from Natura - cargo from GalacticraftCore
3363: nether.hopper from Natura - machine from GalacticraftCore
3368: lever from Natura - oxygenPipe from GalacticraftCore
4002: WaterBottle from hamstermod - bambooBundle from tropicraftmod
4026: thermalexpansion.fluid.coal from ThermalExpansion - sifter from tropicraftmod
4028: thermalexpansion.fluid.pyrotheum from ThermalExpansion - treeWood from tropicraftmod
4029: thermalexpansion.fluid.ender from ThermalExpansion - curareBowl from tropicraftmod
4030: thermalexpansion.fluid.glowstone from ThermalExpansion - bamboochest from tropicraftmod
4031: thermalexpansion.fluid.redstone from ThermalExpansion - Flower Pot Tropicraft from tropicraftmod
4033: thermalexpansion.rockwool from ThermalExpansion - bambooMug from tropicraftmod
4035: thermalexpansion.tesseract from ThermalExpansion - eihMixer from tropicraftmod
4036: thermalexpansion.strongbox from ThermalExpansion - Tropics Leaves from tropicraftmod
4037: thermalexpansion.machine from ThermalExpansion - portalWall from tropicraftmod
4038: thermalexpansion.ore from ThermalExpansion - koaChest from tropicraftmod
4039: blockDirt from Chisel - tradeBlock from tropicraftmod
4040: blockTyrian from Chisel - Court Master from volleyballmod
4041: blockBookshelf from Chisel - Volleyball Court Post from volleyballmod
4042: blockCarpet from Chisel - firePit from tropicraftmod
4043: blockFft from Chisel - bongoDrums from tropicraftmod
Suggested Ranges: 553-999 (447 IDs), 1502-1859 (358 IDs), 2341-2539 (199 IDs)

if that help you.

so if it happen to other people please tell me,

and if it only me can you help me fix it? 

ty for reading

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how do i remove it if i try is tell me i cant delete the folder and when i tap "try again" it wont work 


Was the game running when you tried to remove it? If you haven't got this sorted out yet, you might just have to change the values manually.. that's what I had to do when I launched the modpack via MagicLauncher.

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